detachable hinges for climatic chambers
Detachable hinges, also known as removable hinges, are a type of hinge that can be easily separated or disassembled. IHINGES was one of the early pioneers in designing and manufacturing detachable hinges for customers in the field of electrical enclosures, cabinets, network cabinets, and similar applications. These detachable hinges are characterized by high volume, diverse styles, small size, and low load-bearing requirements. This is because the doors of these sheet metal enclosure equipment are relatively light. Currently, we are expanding our portfolio to include heavy-duty detachable hinges that offer greater load-bearing capacity and larger dimensions. These hinges are designed to withstand more challenging operating environments. We offer customization options for different materials, structures, dimensions, and surface treatments for detachable hinges. Our team of structural designers excels at tailoring detachable hinges to meet the specific equipment installation requirements of our customers.

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