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Butt hinges are generally made of stainless steel, iron, and zinc alloy. IHINGES has customized a large number of Butt hinges for our customers, and they are all well accepted by our customers. All IHINGES has to do is to continue to get the details right and continue to create value for our customers.

If you need to order butt hinges, then start here and IHINGES will give you products that exceed your expectations.

Ordering a butt hinges is not complicated

If you do not find the right hinge for you in our regular product list. Then you can totally try to order one. The process is not complicated, you just provide a few sample data and our engineers will provide you with a satisfactory solution from a professional point of view. iHinges is a professional manufacturer of hinges from China. We have a strong supply chain, which makes the production cycle of our products much shorter.

All You Need To Know About Butt Hinges

Butt hinges are a class of hinges with a relatively simple structure, and the value of IHINGES is to provide customers with tailor-made product solutions. From material to structure, from every size to surface treatment, IHINGES can customize them all.

As customer needs tend to become more individual. IHINGES is able to provide customers with individual and practical product solutions on the basis of comparable functionality.

About product customization

What Factors We Need to Focus On

Regarding the customization of products, we can produce according to the samples provided by customers. We can also produce according to the drawings provided by customers. We can even provide the customer with a total solution designed around a simple request from the customer.

So you only need to provide your concerns, no other complex data, our engineers will keep in touch with you in the subsequent design of the program. You only need to tell our engineers your answers emotionally, and they will convert your emotional answers into rational data. And then check with you, that’s all.

butt hinges manufacturer

About The Material Of Butt Hinges

Stainless steel material has the best performance, anti-corrosion, and anti-rust. Zinc alloy material is convenient for designing complex structure hinges and rich surface treatment. Iron is the most economical material and can also be made in different finishes.

Installation Example

The delivery of the product to the customer is not the final transaction, we will closely follow up on the use of the product. We would very much appreciate feedback from our customers on the use of our products.

For example, whether there is any inconvenience in the use process, whether the design is reasonable, and whether it blends well with the customer’s product.

Now you can order a Butt hinge without any worries!

Why Choose Us?

Production Capacity:

Once the samples are confirmed, we will mass-produce the goods in the shortest possible time. And we ensure high-quality production of products.


IHINGES specializes in the design and production of industrial hinges. We have extensive experience in the production of industrial hinges. We have solved most of the problems related to hinges.

Safety Certification:

Our factory has undergone multiple certifications, including ISO, TUV, CE, UL, VDE, and RoHS certification.

Low MOQ:

IHINGES production is flexible and will meet your requirement of ordering varying quantities.

Customization Capability:

We can change the material, production process, surface treatment, structure and size of the hinge. Maximize the customization of trailer door hinges from the customer's needs.


Our existing stock products are sufficient and can be shipped within 1~2 days. For customized products, we can quickly provide samples for your confirmation. The lead time for large shipments is about 20~25 days, depending on the quantity ordered.


We know you might have more questions, so here’s a list of the questions we get asked the most about butt hinges.

Do you have MOQ?

Depends on the situation. If it is a customized product, usually we require more than 1000 pieces. If it is a stock product, we have no minimum order requirement.

We usually have about 1000 of our regular products in stock!

Do you come with mounting screws?

Generally we do not come with mounting screws, as the length of screws required for installation may vary from customer to customer.

Is butt hinge suitable for installation on my device?

We will provide you with a 3D model so that you can simulate the installation on your computer to determine if it is suitable for your device. We can also provide samples for actual installation verification.

How do I choose the right size and material for butt hinges for my project?

When selecting a butt hinge size, consider the door’s size, weight, and thickness. Generally, larger and heavier doors require longer and sturdier hinges. As for material, it depends on the application and the look you’re going for. Brass or stainless steel hinges are great for their corrosion resistance, making them suitable for exterior doors or humid environments. For interior doors or furniture, steel, brass, or bronze might be chosen based on aesthetic preferences.

How many butt hinges do I need for a door and how do I install them?

Typically, doors require at least two hinges: one located near the top and one near the bottom. However, taller or heavier doors might benefit from three or more hinges to distribute the weight evenly and ensure smooth operation. To install, mark the hinge positions on both the door and the frame, chisel out recesses for the hinges so they sit flush, and then screw them in place, ensuring they’re aligned properly so the door swings smoothly.

Can butt hinges be customized in different colors?

Yes. Different materials will have different finishes. Stainless steel is generally polished. Zinc alloy material generally adopts electroplating, spraying and other surface treatment. Plating and painting can be in different colors.

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