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If you are a manufacturer of sheet metal parts or a manufacturer of cabinet equipment, then this article is likely to be useful to you. Because the product we are going to introduce today is closely related to these two fields. These products are called the heavy-duty industrial hinge.

All hinge products are installed on doors and frames. They are used to connect the door to the frame and to provide a load-bearing function. Especially heavy-duty industrial hinges pay more attention to their load-bearing performance.


What is a heavy-duty hinge?

Heavy-duty industrial hinges are a subcategory of heavy-duty hinges. So what do we mean by heavy-duty hinges?

Heavy-duty hinges are a class of hinges with strong load-bearing properties. They are generally used to connect very heavy doors to door frames. If your door is more than a hundred kilograms, then you must use heavy-duty hinges to carry the weight of the door. An important parameter of heavy-duty hinges is their load-bearing properties.

If a single hinge has a load-bearing capacity of 100 kg, then two hinges can bear a door of 200 kg, which is a simple calculation. However, there are more factors to consider when actually purchasing heavy-duty industrial hinges. We will introduce them in detail below.heavy-duty industrial hinge


What is a heavy-duty industrial hinge?

Heavy-duty industrial hinges are, as the name suggests, a type of heavy-duty hinge that is used exclusively on industrial equipment. IHINGES is a manufacturer of heavy-duty hinges for industrial equipment, so this article is about heavy-duty industrial hinges.

Our customers are mainly in the industrial sector, from industrial ovens to industrial test equipment to cold storage equipment. All of these areas require the use of heavy-duty industrial hinges. There are other areas that we do not know about that may also use a lot of these hinges.

Because hinges are part of a family of hardware accessories, they cannot be used alone, but need to be installed on equipment in order to be effective. So in theory it can be used on any equipment with doors. And there is a great variety of equipment in the industry, with a wide range of functions, some in areas we already have, and some in areas that may not yet exist.

One of the newer fields that we are currently familiar with is the new energy field. Our heavy-duty industrial hinges are also heavily used in the field of new energy equipment. For example, in the field of lithium battery equipment.heavy-duty industrial hinge


What are the main uses of industrial hinges?

Heavy-duty industrial hinges have a wide range of uses. As far as we know, the fields are industrial ovens, industrial test chambers, sanitation equipment, electric boxes and cabinets, lithium battery equipment, and other fields. There are also major fields such as agriculture, machinery, and rail transportation.

It is because heavy-duty industrial hinges have a wide range of uses that we need to showcase and promote our products as much as possible. Because we do not know in which field new equipment will be developed in the future, we need to use our hinge products of this type.

If equipment developers know we have these products before they design, they can easily use our products for reference designs. This saves time in equipment development and the hassle of designing their own hinge products.heavy-duty industrial hinge


What are the main features of heavy-duty hinges?

The main features of heavy-duty industrial hinges are the following 4 points.

  • 1. Strong weight-bearing. The single hinge has a load-bearing capacity of at least 50 kg or more. This is also the most important feature of heavy-duty industrial hinges.


  • 2. Strong material performance. Heavy-duty industrial hinges are generally made of stainless steel. Conditions allow the use of zinc alloy material. In general, stainless steel is the material of choice for heavy-duty industrial hinges. This is determined by its load-bearing properties.


  • 3. Simple structure. The most important feature of heavy-duty industrial hinges is the strong load-bearing. And the complex structure will affect its load-bearing. We can see that many heavy equipment doors are relatively simple structures. The heavier the door, the simpler the structure. Heavy-duty industrial hinges are often composed of two symmetrical hinge blocks and a hinge shaft, which is also the simplest composition structure of the hinge.


  • 4. The appearance of the design is poor. This is also due to the function of heavy-duty hinges, especially those used in the industrial field. Because these products are not facing adult consumers, mainly used for factory equipment. So the appearance design seems not so important. It seems more practical to focus more on the improvement of product performance.

heavy-duty industrial hinge


What materials are used to produce heavy-duty industrial hinges?

The issue of material is also mentioned above when introducing the characteristics of heavy-duty industrial hinges. In most cases, they are made of stainless steel 304 or 316. However, heavy-duty industrial hinges made of zinc alloy can also be used on relatively light doors.

In industrial ovens, for example, a significant portion of our hinges are made of zinc alloy casting. It can fully meet the premise of load-bearing performance but also has very good plasticity.

Stainless steel 304 is one of the most widely used materials. It has a very strong load-bearing performance and corrosion resistance but also has a very good economy. Both indoor and outdoor can be very convenient to use. And it does not need any surface treatment on its surface. Because the material itself is corrosion-resistant. Usually, only polishing treatment will be done to make the surface look more beautiful.

The 316 stainless steel material is even better than the 304 stainless steel material. Heavy-duty industrial hinges made of this material are often used on the seaside. Because it has stronger anti-corrosion properties. But its economy is not very good, is a more expensive material.heavy-duty industrial hinge


Why is the shaft of heavy-duty industrial hinges made of stainless steel?

The simplest structure of a hinge is two hinge blocks and a hinge shaft. Therefore, the hinge shaft is the most important component of any hinge structure. In the case of heavy-duty industrial hinges, the performance of the shaft directly determines the load-bearing performance.

This is because the hinge shaft is subjected to the direct weight of the door during the hinge load-bearing process. If the hinge shaft performance is poor, it is easy to cause the hinge shaft to bend. Even if the problem is not apparent on the surface, it will lead to fatigue of the shaft product after a long time. When it reaches its critical point, it will bend or suddenly break, which will lead to an accident.

Therefore, IHINGES produces heavy-duty industrial hinges, regardless of whether the hinge block is made of zinc alloy or stainless steel, the shaft material must be made of stainless steel. Here mainly refers to 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel material.


How to choose heavy-duty industrial hinges?

As a user of hinges, it is especially important to choose a heavy-duty industrial hinge. This is not like other light equipment doors, you can choose some ordinary hinges that can fully meet the conditions. Even the hinge shaft can be made of iron. Mr. heavy-duty industrial hinges need to consider more factors.


  • 1. Need to be clear about the weight of the equipment door is heavy. If your door weight is 200 kg, and only two hinges are installed, we can simply calculate the load capacity of a single hinge as 100 kg. if 4 hinges are installed, the load capacity of a single hinge is 25KG, and so on.


  • 2. Determine the structure of the door. Some doors are flat with the door frame, so choose a flat type of hinge. This is also one of the most common types. Some doors have a step between the door and the door frame. That is, the door is higher than the door frame. In this case, it is necessary to use the hinges with steps.


  • 3. Determine the form of installation. Is the installation screw hole or welding installation. Most of the time, we use the screw-hole installation form. Welded installation is not easy to maintain. Unless special requirements require the use of welding installation.


  • 4. Cost-effectiveness. IHINGES is a professional manufacturer of heavy-duty industrial hinges in China. With high-quality production workers and better prices. Both in terms of quality and price, they are very competitive in the global market.


What should I pay attention to when installing heavy-duty industrial hinges?

Install heavy-duty industrial hinges pay attention to the following 5 points.

  • Determine the number of hinges to be installed

This needs to be considered clearly in the design phase. The weight of the door and other factors determine the number of hinges be installed. This is an important part.


  • Determine the installation position of the hinges

Generally, the hinges are evenly distributed on the door, but at the ends of the door, the hinges need to be closer to the edge of the door. This helps to better maintain the stability of the door.


  • Make a good mark

In the case of screw hole installation, the location of the mounting holes needs to be marked in advance. If the mounting holes are in the wrong place, adjusting the hinges will become a troublesome task. Especially when you need to reopen the hole, it may overlap with the original hole, resulting in a large open hole.


  • Make sure that the axes of all hinges are in the same straight line

This is a very critical technical parameter, if the hinge axis is not in the same straight line, it is possible that the door will not close tightly at all. Or when closing the door will feel very hard, or even direct damage to the door structure. So this process requires an experienced installation master to operate.


  • Check the hinges

After the installation is completed an important job is to check the door opening and closing. Whether there is not a close or a strange sound phenomenon. If these phenomena occur, you need to readjust the hinges. If the door seems to be very strained when it closes. Then it is possible that the axis of the hinge is not the same to be straight, which will lead to different directions of the force generated, which will be a fatal hidden danger, if not corrected, it is likely to damage the door.


How to find a manufacturer to customize heavy-duty industrial hinges?

Customizing a heavy-duty industrial hinge is often the optimal choice for the customer. This allows for customization to fit the customer’s actual equipment. This is what IHINGES does best. We are committed to customizing unique hinge products and working with our customers to develop them.

By assisting our customers in the development and manufacture of their products, helping our customers is helping ourselves.

Here is a professional introduction article on exactly how to find a manufacturer to customize heavy-duty industrial hinges:  How to find suppliers of Butt hinges from China by Google. Maybe it will help you.


Introduction of heavy-duty hinges manufacturers in China

China is a large manufacturing country with the most complete industrial category, which is one of the few countries with industrial capabilities. Heavy-duty industrial hinges, as one of the tiny categories, naturally has mature production capacity and experience.

Here is an article specializing in professional hinge manufacturers in China: Top 10 Hinges Manufacturers in China.  that may be helpful to you. If you are looking for a hinge manufacturer right now, then you can contact us now.

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