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Heavy-duty door hinges

The hinge is a type of hardware product that is very widely used in our production and life. We are often in contact with it, but probably have never really studied it. For example, whether you have never installed a hinge. This situation is actually understandable, after all, life should focus more on life itself unless there is interest in tinkering with these hardware products.

But in the industrial field, hinges are a widely known category of hardware. Because its role is too important, especially among special equipment. For example, Industrial Ovens, Climatic chambers, and Environmental chambers.

Therefore, there are different types of hinges in different industrial segments. Heavy-duty door hinges are one of the most widely used types of hinges, depending on their application, function, or characteristics. If you are a hinge user or a hinge wholesaler, this article may be helpful to you.

It is important to note that the heavy-duty door hinges we are talking about here are mainly used in the industrial sector and are different from those used in the construction and furniture sectors. We have a special page on heavy-duty hinges that you can click on to learn more.


Preparation before installing heavy-duty door hinges

Before doing the installation of the hinges, we need to do some preparation work. Specifically, more complete planning should be done. For example, you should first figure out some basic parameters of your equipment door. Also get a rough idea of what kind of heavy-duty door hinges to install, including some of its basic parameters. Here are the details.


  • Equipment door dimensions

Equipment door dimensions mainly include the length, width, and thickness of the door. In the industrial field, the door size of various equipment varies widely. Some small industrial equipment doors are very small and do not require the installation of heavy-duty door hinges.

There is some large test equipment with very large door sizes that must have heavy-duty door hinges installed. The size of the equipment door will determine how many hinges are installed, but of course, the weight of the door is also a more important factor.


  • Weight of the equipment door

The weight of the door is a very important factor and it is important to know the actual weight of the door. It directly determines how many hinges need to be installed and the number of hinges to be installed. The weight of the door can help us decide how much weight to use for the hinges.


  • Types of equipment doors

There are two main types of doors for industrial equipment. One is the flat type, which means that the door is flush with the frame. The other is the step type, that is, there is a step between the door and the door frame. The commissioning of this step is usually the thickness of the door, as shown in the figure below.

heavy duty door hinges manufacturer
heavy-duty door hinges manufacturer




heavy duty door hinges manufacturer
heavy-duty door hinges manufacturer


  • Size of heavy-duty door hinges

Choosing the right hinge will depend on the weight and width of the door or doors. These parameters we can ask our designer colleagues. Depending on the parameters of the equipment door, you can ask the hinge supplier about the size of the hinge. Or ask them to help you refer to which size of hinge is appropriate to use.


  • Style of heavy-duty door hinges

The style of hinges is determined by a variety of factors. One of the most important factors is the form in which the door fits into the frame. That is the flat type or the step type I mentioned above. If it is a flat type, then a flat-mounted hinge is used. If it is a step type, then a step hinge is used. This is shown in the figure below.

heavy duty door hinges manufacturer
heavy-duty door hinges manufacturer


  • Hinge installation method

There are two main ways to install hinges. One is screw hole installation, and the other is welding installation. In most cases, we use the screw hole installation. Some heavy-duty door hinges are designed with long round holes, which helps to adjust the position of the door during installation.


  • Distinguishing between left and right hinges

Most of the time, hinges are designed to be left and right universal in the design process. Just like our industrial butt hinges. It has two hinge blocks that are the same size and symmetrical to each other. So whether you install it on the left or right side of the equipment door, it is universal.

Of the heavy-duty door hinges that IHINGES develops and manufactures, 90% of the hinges are designed for universal use on the left and right sides. Except in the case of very heavy equipment doors, which require special left and right hinges. This is because each hinge installed on such a heavy-duty door is independent. This determines where each hinge is mounted. Here the distinction between left and right becomes very important.


heavy-duty door hinges manufacturer

How to install heavy-duty door hinges

After doing the above preparatory work, you can finally enter the step-by-step process of installing heavy-duty door hinges. In fact, it is relatively simple to install or replace a new heavy-duty hinge. In most cases, we only need simple installation tools to install the hinges easily. The same is true for heavy-duty door hinge installation, you can follow the steps below.


Determine the installation position of the hinges

Usually, 2 hinges are installed on the door, and both hinges are installed close to the ends of the door. Depending on the weight and height of the door, then consider installing more than one. Then it is important to determine the installation position of the hinges.

You can start by marking the equipment door frame, especially for the hole locations. Doors for industrial equipment are different from the doors we use in ordinary homes. Often there is also a seal between the door and the door frame. It is compressible, so it is a dynamic dimension.

You can simulate the door as it is already installed by keeping it flush with the frame. Then place the hinges in the installed position. Considering the compression of the seal, mark the holes as close to the seal as possible when marking them. If the hinge holes are oblong, this is a better problem to deal with. Normal marking is sufficient.

Drilling and installation

Once marked, it is time to drill the holes in the marked locations. Drill the holes in the door frame first and install the hinges on the door frame. When all the hinges have been installed on the door frame, align the door with the mounting holes of the other half of the hinges and install them.

This process requires the assistance of a co-worker to help you lift and level the door. It is important that this work is done so that the hinges are not subject to the gravity of the door while the screws are tightened.


Do not tighten the screws while they are being installed. When all the screws are installed, this is the time to check how well the door closes and opens. Check if the door rotates smoothly and if there are no strange noises occurring. Tighten all the screws when the door is all normal so that the heavy-duty door hinges are completely installed.

If you feel that you still don’t know how to do it according to the tips above, you may consider seeking help from our IHINGES. Our engineers will guide you through the process and help you with the installation of heavy-duty door hinges.

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