Adjustable Auto Hinges for Heavyweight Canopies

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Upgrade your heavy canopies with our Adjustable Auto Hinges. These hinges are designed to provide convenience and durability, making it easier to open and close your canopies smoothly. The built-in compressed spring reduces the lid’s weight, ensuring effortless operation. With an adjustable rotation torque feature, you can fine-tune the hinge tension using the provided adjusting screw. Crafted from high-quality materials such as cold rolled steel plate and polyacetal resin cover, these hinges offer strength and longevity. The nickel plating finish adds a sleek touch to your canopy design. Enhance functionality and aesthetics with our Adjustable Auto Hinges.



  • Adjustable rotation torque: Customize the tension to suit your specific needs using the adjusting screw.
  • Compressed spring design: Reduces lid weight, making it easier to open and close the canopy.
  • Durable construction: Made from cold rolled steel plate and polyacetal resin cover for long-lasting performance.
  • Nickel plating finish: Adds a stylish and corrosion-resistant coating to the hinges.
  • Easy installation: Compatible with various heavyweight canopies for hassle-free integration.


Specific use

Ideal for all kinds of heavyweight canopies, including industrial equipment, machinery, and large cabinets. The Adjustable Auto Hinges ensure smooth and reliable opening and closing of these canopies, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

Adjustable Auto Hinges For Heavyweight Canopies


1. Can I adjust the tension of these hinges?
Yes, you can easily adjust the rotation torque of our Auto Hinges using the provided adjusting screw. This allows you to achieve the desired tension for your specific application.

2. Are these hinges suitable for heavy canopies?
Absolutely! Our Adjustable Auto Hinges are specifically designed for heavyweight canopies. They offer robust support and ensure smooth operation, even with heavy lids.

3. How durable are these hinges?
Our hinges are made from cold rolled steel plate and polyacetal resin cover, providing excellent durability and strength. They are built to withstand heavy use and maintain reliable performance over time.

4. Is the nickel plating finish resistant to corrosion?
Yes, the nickel plating finish on our Auto Hinges provides corrosion resistance, ensuring long-lasting functionality and an attractive appearance.

5. Do I need to apply lubricant to the hinges?
To ensure the longevity of the hinges, it is recommended to apply lubricant regularly to the moving parts. This helps reduce friction and enhances the smooth operation of the hinges.

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