Adjustable Free Spring Hinges

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Our Adjustable Free Spring Hinges are a versatile solution for various industrial applications. These hinges feature a unique design that allows for torque adjustment, providing flexibility and customization options. The wings of the hinges are made from a stainless steel plate (SUS304), ensuring durability and corrosion resistance. The cap, collar, shaft, and spring are constructed from high-quality brass and steel wire. With a sleek hairline finish, these hinges not only offer functionality but also add a touch of elegance to your indoor equipment projects. Please note that a φ3+0 torque adjustment pin is recommended for use.



  • Torque adjustment capability for customizable functionality.
  • Stainless steel plate (SUS304) wings for durability and corrosion resistance.
  • High-quality brass and steel wire construction for reliable performance.
  • Hairline finish for a sleek and elegant appearance.
  • Suitable for various indoor equipment applications.


Specific Use

These adjustable free-spring hinges are specifically designed for use in indoor equipment. Their torque adjustment feature and durable construction make them ideal for a wide range of industrial applications in this context.

Adjustable Free Spring Hinges


1. Q: Can I adjust the torque of these hinges?
A: Yes, these hinges can be adjusted for torque according to your specific requirements.

2. Q: What materials are used for these hinges?
A: The wings of the hinges are made from a stainless steel plate (SUS304), while the cap, collar, shaft, and spring are constructed from brass and steel wire.

3. Q: What is the finish of these hinges?
A: These hinges have a sleek hairline finish, adding an elegant touch to your indoor equipment projects.

4. Q: In which applications can these hinges be used?
A: These hinges are suitable for various indoor equipment applications, providing versatile functionality and reliability.

5. Q: Is a torque adjustment pin included with these hinges?
A: For torque adjustment, it is recommended to use a φ3+0 torque adjustment pin.

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