Compact Slide Door Stays for Canopies

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Introducing our compact slide door stays specifically designed for canopies. This door stays feature a small size, requiring minimum installation space. Whether you need a left or right type, our product offers a reliable solution for your canopy applications. The provided drawings showcase the right type for easy reference and installation.



  • Small-sized design: With a compact form factor, our slide door stays minimize the required installation space, allowing for efficient use in canopy applications.
  • Left or right type: Our product is available in both left and right types, offering flexibility and compatibility with different canopy configurations.
  • Cold rolled steel construction: Made from durable cold rolled steel plate (SPCC), our door stays ensure long-lasting performance and reliability.
  • Nickel plating finish: The door stays feature a nickel plating (MFNi) finish, providing corrosion resistance and enhancing their aesthetic appeal.
  • Lightweight canopy compatibility: Specifically designed for lightweight canopies, our slide door stays are suitable for various applications in the measuring and communication equipment field.


Specific Use:

Our compact slide door stays are tailored for use in measuring and communication equipment canopies. Whether you require a left or right type, these door stays offer a space-saving solution for securing and facilitating smooth door movements in your canopies. With their durable construction and reliable performance, they are ideal for ensuring the functionality and protection of your valuable equipment.

Slide Door Stays For Canopies


1. Can I use these sliding door stays for heavy canopies?
No, these door stays are specifically designed for lightweight canopies. For heavy canopies, we recommend exploring alternative products with higher load capacities.

2. Are the left and right types interchangeable?
No, the left and right types of door stays are not interchangeable. Please ensure you select the appropriate type based on your canopy configuration.

3. What is the maximum allowable load for these door stays?
The maximum allowable load for our slide door stays is 196N, ensuring reliable support for your lightweight canopy doors.

4. Can these door stays be installed in outdoor environments?
Yes, the cold rolled steel construction and nickel plating finish provide corrosion resistance, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor canopy applications.

5. Can I install these door stays in other types of equipment besides canopies?
While these door stays are specifically designed for lightweight canopies, they can potentially be used in other equipment applications that require compact and reliable door support. However, we recommend consulting with our technical team to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

Note: Please feel free to contact our customer support team if you have any further inquiries or specific requirements related to our slide door stays for canopies.

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