Compact Vertical Retracting Stay

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The Compact Vertical Retracting Stay is designed to fold vertically when retracted, occupying minimal space compared to previous models. It offers reduced protrusions inside the casing and automatically locks when the arms overrun each other. This versatile stay is available in both left and right types, providing flexibility for various applications.



  • Vertical folding design for space-saving retraction
  • Reduced internal protrusions when retracted
  • Automatic locking mechanism during arm overrun
  • Available in left and right types for versatile installation


Specific use:

Ideal for indoor control, communication equipment, cubicles, and other applications where compact retractable stays are required. It is suitable for use with indoor boards and provides efficient space utilization.

Compact Vertical Retracting Stays


Q: Can I use the Compact Vertical Retracting Stay for outdoor applications?
A: No, this stay is designed for indoor use only.

Q: Is the installation process different for the left and right types?
A: Yes, the installation position needs to be adjusted accordingly for the left or right type stay.

Q: How much space does the stay occupy when fully retracted?
A: The compact design ensures minimal space usage when the stay is folded vertically.

Q: Does the stay have a locking mechanism?
A: Yes, the Compact Vertical Retracting Stay automatically locks when the arms overrun each other.

Q: What materials are used in the construction of this stay?
A: The stay is made of cold-rolled steel plate (SPCC) with a zinc plating chromate treatment (MFZn-C) for durability and corrosion resistance.

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