Corner lift hinges for cold storage and dry storage

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Our Corner Lift Hinges for cold storage and dry storage offer a cost-effective redesign of the previous model FB-611. These hinges provide enhanced functionality and security for various applications.



– Automatic closure: The hinge ensures automatic closure when the door is opened 120° or less. Beyond that, it swings smoothly.
– Security-minded construction: The hinges are designed to prevent the removal of installation screws or the door itself when closed, enhancing security.
– Easy left-right alignment: The hinges can be easily reversed for left-hand or right-hand use without the need for a minus screwdriver.
– Noise reduction: The resin cam construction minimizes noise and metal scrapings during use, ensuring a quieter operation.
– Installation compatibility: These hinges are compatible with the previous model B-611, allowing for easy replacement or installation.
– Universal application: Suitable for both left-hand and right-hand use.



– Main body: Zinc alloy (ZDC)
– Cover: Stainless steel plate (SUS304)

– Main body: Chrome plating (MZCr)
– Cover: Hairline finish
– Maximum door mass (using 2 hinges vertically, reference): 30kg
– Endurance testing: Tested to 200,000 times open-close endurance with test doors of size W900 x H2000 and weights of 50kg and 80kg.


Specific Use

Ideal for prefab cold storage boxes, dry-type warehouses, and similar applications.

Corner Lift Hinges For Cold Storage And Dry Storage


Q1: What is the difference between the current corner lift hinges and the previous model FB-611?
A1: The current corner lift hinges are a lower-cost redesign of the previous model FB-611.

Q2: At what angle does the door close automatically with these hinges?
A2: The door closes automatically when it is opened 120° or less.

Q3: Can the door swing freely past 120°?
A3: Yes, once the door is opened past 120°, it swings smoothly.

Q4: Does the security-minded construction of these hinges prevent tampering or removal of the door?
A4: Yes, the security-minded construction prevents the removal of installation screws or the door when it is closed.

Q5: How easy is it to change the left-right alignment of these hinges?
A5: The left-right alignment can be easily reversed without the need for a minus screwdriver.

Note: The questions and answers provided are based on the given information about the corner lift hinges for cold storage and dry storage. These questions address the specific features and functionality of the hinges in the context of their application. For further details or more specific inquiries, it is advisable to consult the manufacturer or refer to the provided specifications.

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