High-Strength and Durable Leaf-shaped Hinge for Ships

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Our High-Strength and Durable Leaf-shaped Hinge for Ships is designed to meet the demanding requirements of ship applications. This hinge offers exceptional strength and durability, ensuring reliable performance in marine environments.



  • Constructed from high-strength and corrosion-resistant JIS6000 series extrusion with heat treatment.
  • Lightweight design compared to conventional hinges.
  • Smooth door opening and closing facilitated by the nylon bush.
  • Slip-preventive split cotter pin for added security and ease of pin rearrangement.
  • Suitable for middle- or small-sized doors.
  • Available for both left-hand and right-hand applications, with the grip rearrangement possible by changing the pin and inserting direction.




  • Main body: Aluminum alloy extrusion.
  • Axle: Stainless steel (SUS304).
  • Finish Alumite treatment.
  • Axle diameter: φ8.


Specific Use

Our High-Strength and Durable Leaf-shaped Hinge is specifically designed for use in specially-equipped vehicles, vans, and ships. Its robust construction and superior performance make it an ideal choice for marine applications.

High Strength And Durable Leaf Shaped Hinge For Ships


Q1: What material is used for the High-Strength and Durable Leaf-shaped Hinge for Ships?
A1: The main body of the hinge is made of aluminum alloy extrusion, and the axle is made of stainless steel (SUS304).

Q2: How does this hinge compare to current hinges in terms of weight?
A2: It is more lightweight compared to current hinges.

Q3: Does this hinge provide a smooth door opening and closing?
A3: Yes, thanks to the nylon bush, the door opening and closing are smooth.

Q4: Are there any features to prevent slipping or improve security?
A4: Yes, a slip-preventive split cotter pin is used, and pin rearrangement is simple.

Q5: What types of doors is this hinge suitable for?
A5: It is suitable for middle- or small-sized doors.

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