One-Way Torque Door Stays – Smooth Operation, Precise Positioning

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Our One-Way Torque Door Stays provide a reliable and efficient solution for smooth door operation and precise positioning. With their unique friction-based design, these door stays eliminate abnormal sounds and ensure smooth movement. The torque is applied in only one direction, allowing for controlled door opening and closing. Additionally, the torque can be adjusted to stop at your desired position. These door stays are ideal for office equipment and electric appliances, providing enhanced safety and convenience.



  • Smooth and noiseless operation thanks to the friction-based design
  • One-way torque application for controlled door movement
  • Adjustable torque allows precise positioning
  • Minimal torque variations with temperature changes
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel plate (SUS304) and polyacetals (POM)
  • Heat resistance from -10℃ to +60℃


Specific Use:

  • Our One-Way Torque Door Stays are designed for use in office equipment and electric appliances. They offer reliable door control, ensuring smooth operation and precise positioning in various settings.

One Way Torque Door Stays


Q: How does the friction-based design ensure smooth operation?
A: The friction between the plastic components of the door stay eliminates any abnormal sounds and ensures smooth movement during door operation.

Q: Can I adjust the door’s stopping position?
A: Yes, the torque of the stopper can be adjusted to stop the door at your desired position, providing precise control over door movement.

Q: Are the torque variations affected by temperature changes?
A: No, our One-Way Torque Door Stays have minimal torque variations due to temperature changes, ensuring consistent performance in different environments.

Q: What materials are used in the construction of the door stays?
A: The arm/main body of the door stays is made of stainless steel plate (SUS304), while the case is made of polyacetals (POM), ensuring durability and reliability.

Q: Is there anything I should be cautious about when using these door stays?
A: To avoid any potential dangers, it is important to set the torque to a low setting. It is also advised not to exceed the torque adjusting range of 78N to prevent idling or incorrect functioning by the gear. Lubricants should not be used with these door stays.

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