Ultra-Durable Flat Torque Hinges for Superior Control and Safety

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Our Flat Torque Hinges provide unmatched control and stability to a variety of equipment. Designed for diverse use, from canopies to office equipment, these hinges hold doors open at any range without the need for secondary mechanical support. You can easily adjust the door swing by turning the screw, and the use of flame-retardant rubber ensures safety. Crafted from sturdy materials like polyacetal and polycarbonate, these hinges are resistant to temperature variations from -5℃ to +65℃, making them perfect for different environmental conditions.



  • Door Swing Adjustment: Alter the door swing by simply turning the screw.
  • Flame-Retardant Rubber: Ensures additional safety during use.
  • Material Durability: Main body made of Polyacetal and pins made of Polycarbonate ensure high durability.
  • Temperature Tolerance: Can be used in temperature ranges of -5℃ to +65℃.
  • Easy Installation: Ensure the shaft is horizontal for a hassle-free installation process.


Specific Use:

Perfect for various applications including canopies, server racks, office equipment, and more.

Ultra Durable Flat Torque Hinges


1. How can I adjust the door swing of the hinge?
Turn the adjusting screw on the hinge to either dampen or free up the door swing.

2. Is the hinge safe from fires?
Yes, a flame-retardant rubber is used in the hinge to increase its fire resistance.

3. What is the operating temperature range of the hinge?
The hinge can operate in temperatures ranging from -5℃ to +65℃.

4. How do I install the hinge correctly?
The shaft of the hinge must be installed horizontally. If using two hinges, make sure the shafts are co-linear.

5. Can the hinge be exposed to water or oil?
It’s best to avoid exposing the hinge to water, oil, and similar substances to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

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