What Are Continuous Piano Hinges?

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Piano hinges are an essential component in various applications, providing strength and stability to doors, cabinets, and other objects that require seamless movement. Within the world of piano hinges, there exists a specific type known as continuous piano hinges. In this blog post, we will delve into the characteristics, differences, and drawbacks of continuous piano hinges compared to their traditional counterparts.


What are Piano Hinges?

Piano hinges, also known as continuous hinges, are long, slender hinges that run the entire length of a door or panel, creating a continuous pivot point. They are commonly made of durable materials such as stainless steel or brass and are designed to distribute weight evenly along the entire length of the hinge, ensuring smooth and consistent movement.

Continuous Piano Hinges By IHINGES



What are Continuous Hinges?

Continuous hinges, as the name suggests, are hinges that span the full length of the door or panel they are attached to. They provide superior strength, stability, and durability compared to standard hinges due to their extended length. Continuous hinges can be found in a variety of applications, including piano lids, tool boxes, electrical enclosures, and more.

Continuous Piano Hinges By IHINGES


What is the difference between piano hinges and continuous hinges?

The terms “piano hinge” and “continuous hinge” are often used interchangeably, as both refer to the same type of hinge. The key distinction lies in their applications. While piano hinges are commonly associated with musical instruments such as pianos and keyboard lids, continuous hinges have a broader range of uses beyond the realm of pianos. Both types share the characteristic of spanning the full length of the object they are attached to, providing seamless movement.


What are the disadvantages of piano hinges?

Although piano hinges offer numerous advantages, they are not without their limitations. Some notable disadvantages include:

  • Limited flexibility: Due to their continuous design, piano hinges offer limited flexibility when it comes to opening angles. They are best suited for applications that require a full 180-degree rotation, as they lack the ability to open at varying angles.
  • Weight distribution: While hinges distribute weight evenly along the hinge. The long length can lead to a concentration of weight at the pivot point. This can potentially cause stress and strain on the hinge and the object it is attached to, especially if the weight is not properly supported.
  • Installation challenges: The hinges require precise alignment during installation to ensure smooth operation. Improper alignment or misplacement can result in binding or uneven movement.

Continuous Piano Hinges By IHINGES


Can You Cut Continuous Piano Hinges?

The hinges are designed to be cut to the desired length, making them versatile and adaptable to various applications. However, it is important to exercise caution when cutting the hinge. As the process requires proper tools and techniques to avoid damaging the hinge or compromising its functionality. It is recommended to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines or seek professional assistance when cutting hinges.



Continuous piano hinges are a reliable choice for applications requiring seamless movement along the entire length of a door or panel. While they offer strength and durability, they also have certain limitations, including restricted flexibility and potential weight concentration. Understanding these factors will help you make informed decisions when choosing the right hinge for your specific needs.

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