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What are detachable cabinet door & gate hinges?

Detachable hinges are a type of hardware used to connect doors to door frames in a disassembled manner. There are two types of detachable hinges: industrial detachable hinges and architectural detachable hinges, which are very different in structure and use. Industrial disassembly hinges are simple in structure and function, and only need to perform their primary function, with lower requirements for structure and appearance. Because they are mainly used on equipment doors inside factories. For example, sheet metal cabinets such as electrical cabinets.

The disassembled hinges used in the construction field are a bit more complex in structure, and these are the most common in everyday life. They are usually adjustable so that when a cabinet door is used for too long and the door cannot be closed strictly, the hinge can be adjusted by adjusting the screws on the hinge to adjust the position of the door so that the door can be closed again. The disassembled installation of these hinges is mainly to enhance the aesthetics of furniture doors.

Disassembled hinges for the construction sector are not a field of expertise for IHINGES, which focuses on the development and production of disassembled hinges for industrial use. For this purpose, we have a special page detailing: detachable hinges.


What are the characteristics of detachable cabinet door & gate hinges?

Detachable door hinges are characterized by their removability. The door can also be removed at any time after installation. The advantages of these hinges in the industrial sector are obvious. When workers need to open the door for a long time for commissioning or maintenance, the best way is to disassemble the door. This is where doors with detachable door hinges are very well suited to this requirement.

Detachable door hinges used in industry are generally used more often on electrical cabinets. Some of them are installed indoors and some outdoors. In the outdoor environment the electrical cabinet box is required to be waterproof, so the detachable hinges are used. And in the indoor case the normal butt hinges can be used. It is only in the process of mass production that detachable door hinges of higher standard are uniformly used for the convenience of production.

In addition detachable door hinges are generally designed to be removable. Because of the small space inside the box, it is not convenient to install. This problem can be solved by using the detachable installation method. The detachable door hinges used in the construction field also have a similar approach.


What are the uses of detachable cabinet door & gate hinges?

As I mentioned above, detachable cabinet hinges are mainly used in the industrial sector for electrical cabinets and other special equipment. IHINGES has developed a number of detachable cabinet hinges for industrial customers, but they are also used on doors of other sheet metal enclosures.

The use of detachable cabinet hinges is also widely used in some test equipment. The doors of some test equipment also need to be easily removed in order to put the products in. Generally, the doors of such equipment are not flush with the door frame, but have steps. We specialize in these hinges, which are available in zinc alloy or stainless steel.


What are detachable cabinet door hinges made of?

Detachable cabinet door hinges are mainly made of zinc alloy and stainless steel. For equipment doors that are not very heavy, zinc alloy can be used to meet the load-bearing requirements. It is also possible to save costs for the customer, because zinc alloy is cheaper than stainless steel. If the door is heavy, it is generally recommended to use stainless steel detachable cabinet door hinges, when we need to consider more from the safety point of view.

The surface treatment of the two materials is different: zinc alloy is generally bright chrome plated; stainless steel is generally polished. These are the main surface finishes used by IHINGES for these two materials. Of course, different color finishes can be ordered according to customer’s requirements, so as to match the color of customer’s equipment.


What are the categories of detachable gate hinges?

There are many categories of detachable gate hinges, mainly based on the actual equipment used. For example, detachable gate hinges for electrical cabinet boxes are small in size and have low load-bearing capacity. The requirements for material are not very high and can be made of iron, zinc alloy, or stainless steel.

On the other hand, detachable gate hinges used in test equipment are larger in size, have a higher load-bearing capacity. And require higher material requirements. This type of detachable gate hinges is also the type of hinges that IHINGES produces more often.

There are also detachable gate hinges used for freezer doors, which also have high load-bearing requirements and are generally made of zinc alloy and stainless steel.


How to order heavy-duty detachable hinges

If you need to order heavy-duty detachable hinges, then you have come to the right place. IHINGES is a manufacturer specializing in industrial hinges. We have many years of experience in the development and production of heavy-duty hinges in particular. We can design and produce brand-new hinges according to customers’ requirements. Or we can modify them from existing hinge molds to save the cost of customization for customers. Contact us now.

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