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One type of hinge that is widely used in the industrial equipment sector is the concealed hinge. These hinges are structurally distinct from butt hinges. I will introduce the following nine aspects of concealed hinges.


What is the concealed hinge?

Concealed hinges, as the name suggests, are a type of hinge where the hinge structure is not visible on the surface of the box after the hinge is installed.

Because it is installed inside the door, the hinge is not visible from the outside when the door is closed. This way can make the appearance of the box more beautiful and more concise.

In addition, there is some boxing equipment that may be placed in a relatively small space, in order to save space, designed to hinge in the form of internal installation, that is, the use of concealed hinges. But because these hinges are functional accessories, they are used in a wide range of different areas and will have different structural and performance requirements. Two of the largest areas are industrial cabinets and furniture.

This article focuses on industrial cabinet concealed hinges. Obviously, industrial cabinet concealed hinges are mainly a type of hinge used in the industrial field, which is different from furniture concealed hinges. Its structure, performance, and appearance requirements are different.industrial-cabinet-concealed-hinges-manufacturer


What is the difference between industrial cabinet concealed hinges and furniture concealed hinges?

  • The use of industrial cabinet concealed hinges

Industrial cabinet concealed hinges are mainly used on industrial equipment such as industrial chassis and cabinets, while furniture-concealed hinges are mainly used in the field of construction and house decoration. For example, the closet, door, or kitchen cabinet at home and other places.


  • The structure of the industrial cabinet concealed hinges

The structure of industrial cabinet concealed hinges is generally simple, and the requirements for appearance are not very strict, because after all, they are used on factory equipment and are installed inside the cabinet, so the requirements for appearance are not very strict.

However, it should be noted that the structure of the hinge does not interfere with the internal sheet metal structure of the box and other parts. It also requires us to budget enough space to install the industrial cabinet concealed hinges. This forces us to pay attention to the size of the hinges when we purchase them.


  • Structure of furniture concealed hinge

The furniture concealed hinges generally require a compact structure with complex features and a demanding appearance. Because these types of hinges are used in our homes, they are often seen by us. If it is a very rudimentary structure, it looks very uncomfortable. In fact, all products that are in frequent contact with people need to consider aesthetics. This is the biggest difference between industrial cabinet concealed hinges and furniture concealed hinges.

industrial-cabinet-concealed-hinges-manufacturer & supplier

  • The use of furniture concealed hinges

In addition, the weight-bearing properties are also different, often the industrial field uses concealed hinges weight-bearing to be stronger, after all, the load-bearing box doors are made of metal, and generally are relatively heavy.

And furniture equipment is generally used wood, the weight is a little lighter. But this is only relative, not absolute. Some furniture doors are also very heavy, compared to the house door, a door weighs hundreds of kilograms. This time also needs to load-bearing very strong furniture concealed hinges.


  • Differences in functionality

In addition, the two differ in terms of the complexity of the function. The function of an industrial cabinet concealed hinge is relatively simple, only needs to play the function of load-bearing and connection. But furniture concealed hinges may require more functions, such as the need to have an adjustment function.

When the door has been used for a long time may be loose, or closed not tight. In this case, it is necessary to adjust the adjustment screw on the hinge to make the door close again to the initial effect. Or after a long time, the door has a strange sound, which may also be due to the hinge loose reason.

But for the industrial cabinet concealed hinges, even if there is some noise or door closing are not very good but maybe tolerable. Because often the noise of the workshop is much greater than the door noise. In addition, some looseness of the door actually does not affect the operation of the equipment.

In some industrial cabinets concealed hinges are even directly welded to the door and door frame, even if you want to adjust can not. This is because in most cases there will not be a situation similar to the furniture’s concealed hinges, and even if this happens, it does not matter.industrial-cabinet-concealed-hinges-manufacturer & supplier


What are the features of industrial cabinet concealed hinges?

Industrial cabinet concealed hinges are characterized by strong load-bearing, concealed installation, simple function, and special structure.

The reason for this is that industrial equipment is generally made of metal and the doors are heavy, and from a safety standpoint, strong and durable products are often more popular and provide greater peace of mind. You can imagine a safety accident with a hinge used in a factory, and a safety accident with a hinge used on a cabinet at home, which is more serious. The result is clear that people tend to think that a safety incident in a factory is more serious.


  • Concealed installation

Concealed installation is one of the greatest features of hinges. This is because most industrial hinges are mounted on the outside of the box. Looking at the equipment as a whole from the outside, you can see the hinge. And this type of hinge is completely invisible. This is why these hinges are called concealed hinges. Concealed hinges are generally used on electrical boxes, cabinets, or other devices that require concealed installation.


  • Simple function

The simplicity of functionality is also one of its features. Why is that so? In fact, as I mentioned above, compared to furniture concealed hinges, concealed hinges used in the industry do not require too many complex functions and have a relatively simple structure.

Because the equipment inside the factory often needs regular maintenance, too complicated functions will increase the maintenance cost of the equipment. If the structure is simple, even if the hinge is damaged, we can easily replace it, and the simple structure is also a more favorable price.


  • The special structure

The special structure is also a major feature of industrial cabinet concealed hinges. Most of these hinges are of U-shaped structure. This is because in order to achieve the effect of concealed installation, the hinge needs to avoid some space, the use of a U-shaped structure design can well avoid other structures inside the cabinet.

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What is the main structure of the industrial cabinet concealed hinge?

As we mentioned above, one of the characteristics of hinges is that they have a special structure. And most of these hinges have a U-shaped design. This is because the main frame of the industrial cabinet is made of sheet metal and steel structure.

When the hinge is installed on the door and door frame, there are bending and protruding structures around the door and door cabinet, which requires the hinge to avoid these structures. A U-shaped structure is the best form. As for other details, it depends on the specific equipment structure. But in general, the basis of the U-shape structure remains the same.industrial-cabinet-concealed-hinges-manufacturer & supplier


How many ways are there to install the industrial cabinet concealed hinge?

There are two main types of installation for industrial cabinet concealed hinges, screw mounting, and welded mounting. The screw-hole mounting method is more common. It requires pre-drilled holes in the hinges and the door.

Welded installation, on the other hand, is to weld the hinges directly to the door and door frame. This installation method firmly welds the door and door frame together, which is more solid, so you don’t have to worry about the hinges falling off. However, it is not easy to maintain. If the hinges become deformed and cannot close the door. Then the hinges must be cut from the door by cutting, which is more troublesome than the screw installation method.



How to install the industrial cabinet concealed hinges?

The installation of industrial cabinet concealed hinges is relatively simple, if it is installed with screws, then you only need to pre-cut a good hole in the door and tighten the screws when installing. After installation, remember to check whether the door can be opened and closed smoothly and whether there are problems such as strange noise.

If the installation is welded, then you also need to mark the installation position of the hinge in advance, this step is very critical because if the mark is wrong after the welding installation is completed, it is impossible to adjust.

But whether it is screw installation or welding installation, there is a problem, that is, the installation of space is relatively small. Because it is concealed installation, it needs to be operated inside the box. It is a little more inconvenient than the installation on the surface of the box. In terms of customers’ installation experience, they usually install one side first and then dock the door with the door frame for installation. This does not require a long time to install in a small environment.


How to adjust the industrial cabinet concealed hinges?

When industrial cabinets are used for too long, you will often find that the door is not so good operation. There are even some strange noises or not closing tightly. This often requires some adjustment to the hinges. Here may only be suitable for screw installation.

If it is welded installation then it will be more trouble. Some industrial cabinet concealed hinges have oblong screw holes, just to facilitate fine adjustment of the hinges.

During the adjustment process, if the door is heavy, then you need to have a helper to help hold the door in place or use a jig to keep the door in a horizontal position. Keep the hinge in a position where it is not subject to forces in other directions for adjustment.


How to order an industrial cabinet concealed hinge?

If you need to order an industrial cabinet concealed hinge. The best way is to find a professional hinge manufacturer to help you produce it. IHINGES is one such professional hinge manufacturer that you can trust to produce your hinge products for you. Here is an article dedicated to the hinge product ordering process, which we hope will help you understand the ordering process.

Concealed hinges are one of IHINGES main product types, we also produce heavy-duty hinges, detachable hinges, etc. In fact, a significant portion of industrial cabinet concealed hinges are also of the detachable type. This design is very convenient for us to install the hinges.


How much does it cost to order an industrial cabinet concealed hinge?

Ordering a concealed hinge for an industrial cabinet involves the production of a mold and the production of a product. Exactly how much it costs depends on the complexity of the product production process. If the product is complex, the tooling cost alone may be several tens of thousands of dollars.

In addition, there is a certain quantity requirement for custom-made products. Because it is not cost-effective for both the manufacturer and the customer if the quantity is too small. If you need to know the specific quotation, you can contact us now.

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