Which Type of Hinge to Use?

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Have you ever been confronted with a seemingly simple task, like selecting a hinge, only to find yourself drowning in options? Such a situation can be overwhelming. This guide is here to throw you a lifeline.

The type of hinge to use depends on the specific application and requirements. For heavy-duty applications requiring even weight distribution, continuous or piano hinges are ideal. For aesthetic purposes where the hinge should remain concealed, butterfly or concealed hinges might be preferred, while for outdoor gates, robust gate hinges are best.

Embark on this explorative journey, and equip yourself to make informed hinge choices for your diverse projects.


Continuous Hinges (Piano Hinges)

Continuous hinges, often referred to as piano hinges, run the entire length of the objects they are meant to connect. Their design naturally disperses weight throughout, making them a stalwart choice for projects that demand durability and weight distribution. Primarily known for their application in pianos, these hinges are equally competent in heavy-duty tasks. Their adaptability is evident in their use in aircraft doors, large toolboxes, and certain pieces of industrial machinery where even weight distribution is imperative.

Which Type of Hinge to Use


Barrel Hinges

Barrel hinges are the epitome of subtlety and compactness. With a cylindrical shape, they are perfectly tailored for applications where the hinge should remain nearly invisible. Crafted primarily from brass or steel, their minimalistic design offers a high degree of discretion. They excel in offering a polished look, especially in crafts that require finesse. Think of elegantly crafted jewelry boxes, or intricately designed wooden artifacts; barrel hinges serve as an unseen hero, ensuring functionality without compromising aesthetics.



Butterfly Hinges

Butterfly hinges are where functionality meets artistry. Their design, reminiscent of butterfly wings, brings a touch of elegance to any application. Besides their aesthetic appeal, these hinges are versatile. They’re not just for show; they offer reliable support for lightweight doors and boxes. However, their decorative aspect is undeniable. Available in various patterns, they can transform a simple box or door into a piece of art, making them a favorite among craftsmen and designers.



Gate Hinges

The robustness of gate hinges is nonpareil. Designed with outdoor gates in mind, they are the bulwarks of the hinge family. Crafted from hard-wearing materials like steel or iron, they are engineered to shoulder the weight of hefty gates. Their resilience doesn’t stop there. They are adept at braving the elements, be it torrential rain or scorching sun. Given the varying designs of gates, these hinges too come in assorted designs like strap, tee, and band, each offering a unique blend of form and function.

Which Type of Hinge to Use


Concealed Hinges

Sleekness is the hallmark of concealed hinges. As the name suggests, they are designed to be unseen when the door or compartment they support is closed. This lends a modern, seamless look to cabinets and contemporary furniture pieces. Predominantly used in modern cabinetry and high-end appliances, they enhance the overall design by remaining inconspicuous. Their hidden nature is a boon for designers aiming for a clutter-free appearance, making them indispensable in modern interior design.



Pivot Hinges

Pivot hinges redefine elegance. Positioned at the top and bottom of doors, they facilitate a rotation, as opposed to a traditional swing. This unique mechanism lends a contemporary, avant-garde look, especially to glass doors. But it’s not just about looks. They smartly distribute the door’s weight between the ground and the top frame, significantly reducing strain on the surrounding infrastructure. From swanky offices to upscale residences, pivot hinges make a statement both in design and functionality.

Industrial Pivot Hinges (1)
Industrial Pivot Hinges


Pin Hinges

Simplicity and utility define pin hinges. Comprising a straightforward design, a pin, and two leaves, they are ubiquitous in the world of hinges. The design might be simple, but the applications are vast. Ranging from the minute hinges in eyeglasses to the more prominent ones in doors, their omnipresence is a testament to their versatility and reliability. Their design, devoid of any frills, ensures that they can seamlessly fit into a multitude of applications without drawing undue attention.



Living Hinges

Living hinges are marvels of modern design. These are thin, flexible sections that seamlessly integrate two rigid segments, bestowing upon them the ability to rotate around a hinge line. The majority are crafted from plastic, and their application is prolific in daily utilities. The advantage? They can be molded as an integral part of the product, eliminating the need for separate assembly. From the cap of your favorite beverage bottle to the lid of a portable storage box, living hinges simplify design and reduce production costs.




Hinges, though often overshadowed by the products they support, are integral to the smooth functioning and durability of countless applications. Whether you’re drawn to the aesthetic charm of butterfly hinges or the sturdy reliability of gate hinges, understanding each hinge


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