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When it comes to the use of a stainless steel industrial hinge, most of us ordinary people I’m afraid will be more limited to think that it is used in the furniture door because this is the most scenes in our lives, I often introduce us as a manufacturer of stainless steel hinges, their first reaction is the kind of hinges on the furniture door.

I need to explain clearly every time, I will say you guys are right, but there is a little difference. And then elaborate a little more, they understand.

So what are the stainless steel hinge uses in terms of industry, in the end, what are the uses? IHINGES listed several industries.


Stainless steel industrial hinge for chassis and cabinet field

Stainless steel hinges in the chassis and cabinet industry should be said to be the most widely used. Many electrical cabinets, and electrical boxes are used in many stainless steel hinges, a variety of stainless steel hinges.

So stainless steel hinges used in the chassis cabinet are very extensive, but the competition is also the largest. The more used in the field of chassis and cabinet is the concealed hinges. This is one of the main hinges produced by IHINGES. It is also usually produced in stainless steel.

Stainless steel industrial hinge manufacturer-01

Stainless steel industrial hinge manufacturer-01


Stainless steel industrial hinge for industrial test equipment

The doors of industrial test equipment are generally heavy, so they need hinges with the sufficient load-bearing capacity to connect and carry the doors. Stainless steel industrial hinges have very strong load-bearing properties, and HINGES uses 304 stainless steel for its stainless steel industrial hinges.

Although a significant number of customers use zinc alloy, we recommend stainless steel for safety reasons.

Because we often receive feedback from customers that their door hinges are broken and need to be replaced with new hinges. Then we generally recommend our customers use stainless steel, which can solve the problem of hinge breakage. Because hinges made of zinc alloy are relatively brittle, they can suddenly break when subjected to a relatively large load for a long time.

The most used hinges in this field are heavy-duty hinges because the doors of this type of equipment are heavy and require hinges that are more load-bearing. Of course, we have hinges made of stainless steel as well as a zinc alloy.

Stainless steel industrial hinge manufacturer-01


Engineering vehicle field

The use of stainless steel industrial hinges in the field of construction vehicles is also very common. We see more private vehicles on a daily basis, but in the field of engineering vehicles there are many structural parts that are installed outside. For example, excavators, sanitation vehicles, engineering cabinet equipment, etc.. Often you can see a heavy stainless steel industrial hinge on the hood.

Because of the harsh operating environment of such special vehicles, they are often operated in dusty, sun-drenched situations. This is a relatively high demand on the hinge, in addition to the need to meet the hinge connectivity and load-bearing performance, but also need to ensure that the hinge is not easily corroded.

The industrial hinges made of 304 stainless steel can solve such problems. Not only the load-bearing performance is strong, but also 304 material is corrosion-resistant.


Kitchen equipment field

In the field of kitchen equipment, more attention to health and environmental protection, equipment, tableware and other equipment and accessories requirements than the general industrial equipment requirements are even higher. After all, this is related to food issues.

Like some steamer boxes, ovens, holding boxes and other equipment may use stainless steel industrial hinges. General requirements require the need to use stainless steel, some higher requirements of the occasion may need to use 316 material.

In the kitchen equipment use process, often encounter high temperature, high pressure, high humidity environment, which is relatively high requirements for the hinge corrosion resistance, so the requirement must use 304 stainless steel material or 316 material.


Freezer equipment field

This environment is mainly cold storage, freezer room, refrigerated box, and other equipment. It also has somewhat high requirements for hinges. It is often cold, wet, and other conditions to work.

The doors of freezer equipment are also larger and heavier than those of industrial ovens and the like. And the load-bearing properties of the hinges are even higher. So better materials and safer production processes are needed to produce such hinges.

For example, casting molding is generally used, whether it is made of zinc alloy or stainless steel. The production process of casting molding can be used to produce.

We have a class of hinges specifically designed for cold storage vaults, which we call cold storage room hinges. If you need to know more about such hinges, you can click on the cold storage hinges section to learn more.


In addition to the above summary of these areas. In fact, there are many areas that can use stainless steel industrial hinges. Because it is a class of functional accessories, it can not solve a problem independently. It is only installed on the equipment of a hardware accessory. So in theory, stainless steel industrial hinges can be used in any place where it is needed.

If you customize a stainless steel industrial hinge, then we can just be very professional for you. You can contact us at any time and tell your needs to our engineers, and we will reply to your custom proposal the first time.

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