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hinges for climatic test chambers

In the field of test equipment, there is a kind of equipment called a climatic test chamber. It can do tests for a variety of products, mainly to test the performance indicators of products in different climatic conditions.

The door of this type of equipment is generally required, such as the large climatic test chamber door being relatively heavy, and the installation of the door hinges needs to use heavy-duty. Another example is the door of the climatic test chamber is sealed performance, which also has requirements for the hinges for climatic test chambers hinges.

So the focus topic of this article is to discuss climatic chamber hinges, and IHINGES will introduce the following 10 aspects of climatic chamber hinges. Maybe there is some help for climatic chamber manufacturers.


What is a climatic chamber?

A climatic chamber, also known as an environmental chamber, is a type of test equipment used to create different environmental conditions. By simulating different climatic conditions to test the product and observe its performance changes under different climatic conditions.

Usually, when we need to test the service life of a manufactured product or test its ability to prevent corrosion, we can’t make it do the test in a realistic climatic environment to quickly verify these properties of the product. This is not possible in real-life situations.

So it is necessary to create such conditions artificially, and the climatic test chamber is invented for this purpose. It is specially designed to simulate a variety of different climatic conditions of the equipment so that you can quickly test a product’s performance indicators.hinges for climatic test chambers


What are the characteristics of the door of the climatic test chamber?

The door of the climatic chamber is directly related to the hinge of the climatic chamber, so we need to figure out the characteristics of the door of the climatic chamber. There are mainly the following 4 points.

1. relatively heavy

The door of the climatic test chamber is generally heavier, even for small climatic test chambers, the weight of the door is heavier than the weight of the door of other chambers. Because this type of equipment simulates specific climatic conditions, the need for insulation, moisture, and sealing features. So the door may need to be retrofitted with insulation, sealing strips, or some circuit devices.

2. Multi-layer structure

Because the box door needs heat insulation, moisturizing and other functions, there will be a multi-layer structure. In addition to the surface sheet metal layer, there is an internal insulation layer. Used to test different products of the climatic test chamber, may have different requirements for the door, but the structure will also be different.

3. relatively thick

Due to the need to meet the requirements of insulation, moisture, and even seal. So the thickness of the door is thicker. It needs to be installed inside the insulation material and then closed at the last layer, so that the whole door looks whole and beautiful. Somewhat similar to our home refrigerator door.

4. Fewer openings

Because the climatic test chamber door needs to maintain the internal temperature, temperature, and other conditions of the chamber, the best way is to try to open as few holes in the door. If the door is installed on the device too much, or more openings, it increases the risk of not insulating, not moisturizing. It will affect the performance of the equipment.hinges for climatic test chambers


What are the characteristics of the hinges for climatic test chambers?

According to the characteristics of the climatic test chamber door, we can summarize the characteristics of the climatic test chamber accordingly, mainly the following points.

1. Strong load-bearing

Because the weight of the door is generally on the heavy side, the weight-bearing performance of the hinge needs to be very good.

2. Size structure on the large side

We know that the climatic test chamber is generally on the large, heavy type. So whether to match this structure or to play an absolute weight-bearing role for the door. The size structure of the hinge needs to be bigger. If a large and heavy door installed hinges are very small, it will give customers a feeling of insecurity.

3. Using the casting process

We generally do not recommend the use of stamping molding butt hinges for climatic-test chamber doors. Because this type of hinge looks very thin, giving a feeling of insecurity. You know, a very important factor in product design is to give people a sense of security. If you design a product that looks like it is going to collapse, then how dare customers buy it?

The casting process to produce the hinges can be designed to be a very strong and heavy structure. Such products customers look very comfortable in their hearts. So the climatic test chamber hinges are generally made of zinc alloy or stainless steel material die-casting.


How to choose hinges for climatic test chambers?

The choice of climatic test chamber hinges needs to be considered from the following aspects.

1. The weight-bearing nature of the hinge

In the above we mentioned that the hinge is characterized by strong load-bearing, so the choice should consider the size of its load-bearing.

2. Appearance structure

On the one hand, we should pay attention to its design, not use the kind of hinges that look too thin. On the other hand, we should also consider whether the structure design is reasonable, after all, this kind of hinge is not like other ordinary sheet metal box equipment used so casually. The unreasonable structure has a great impact on the hinge’s load-bearing properties.

3. Hinge pins

You need to focus on the thickness of the hinge pins, some hinge manufacturers may do tricks on them to save costs. If the hinge pin is obviously too thin, it must not use this hinge. The quality of the hinge pins directly determines the service life of the hinge.

4. Installation method

At present, the installation method of the common climatic test chamber hinges on the market is to use screws to install. This involves the problem of opening holes in the sheet metal, however, this in turn may affect the performance of the door insulation and moisture retention. So it is necessary to ensure that these possible problems are solved.

This problem does not exist if welding is used. It is only the welded installation that can cause some trouble with subsequent maintenance of the unit.


How do I determine the number of hinges to install on the climatic chambers?

The number of hinges installed is related to the cost of the equipment, the size of the door, and the load-bearing capacity. Therefore, it needs to be considered by the engineer. Here is a simple way to calculate the number of hinges.

If the weight of the door is 150 kg and the door height is small, then two hinges can be installed, requiring a single hinge load of 75 kg, and then adding other additional weights, a single hinge load of 90 kg or more can be required. Calculate the number of hinges for other lengths of doors.


How to install the climatic test chamber hinges?

1. Mark the location of the installation hinge on the door and door frame. Especially the location of the opening hole must be determined.

2. Make holes in the door and door frame. You need to make sure the size is accurate when pre-cutting the holes

3. Install the hinges. The installation needs to keep the door and door frame flush and tighten the screws without the hinge being subject to the force of the door.

4. Check. After the installation is completed you need to check whether the door can open and close smoothly or whether there are any rattling conditions. On the issue of hinge rattling, here are an article dedicated to How to avoid rattling when hinges rotate.


How do I order a climatic chamber hinge?

If you need to order a hinge for your test chamber, the process is the same as we do for other industrial hinges. Here is an article dedicated to our hinge ordering process:  Do you know how an industrial hinge is produced?


How are climatic chamber hinges packaged?

This kind of climatic test chamber hinges is generally heavier and larger. They need to be packed separately when packing. We usually put the hinges into a transparent bag or a bag with cushioning effect. And then put them into a carton. So that each hinge will not collide with each other to damage the phenomenon.

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