Adjustable Flat-Mount Cold Storage Hinges with Height Elevation

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Our Adjustable Flat-Mount Cold Storage Hinges with Height Elevation are essential components for optimizing your cold storage facilities. Designed with precision and durability in mind, these hinges provide exceptional functionality and reliability for cold room installations. With their innovative height elevation feature and sturdy construction, they offer versatile solutions for various industrial applications, ensuring seamless operations in controlled temperature environments.

Adjustable Flat-Mount Cold Storage Hinges


Model: ML2-202
Material: zinc alloy
Weight: 1500 g
Packing: 12 pcs
Remarks: With spring and without spring.


Specific use:

Our Adjustable Flat-Mount Cold Storage Hinges with Height Elevation are specifically designed for use in cold storage facilities, including commercial warehouses, food processing plants, pharmaceutical storage areas, and other industrial applications. They are suitable for various types of cold storage doors, such as walk-in freezers, refrigerated warehouses, and controlled atmosphere rooms. These hinges provide the necessary adjustability and reliability to ensure efficient and effective temperature-controlled environments, enhancing the overall functionality and productivity of your cold storage operations.



Can these Adjustable Flat-Mount Cold Storage Hinges be used for both new installations and retrofitting existing doors?
Absolutely! Our hinges are versatile and can be used for both new installations and retrofitting existing cold storage doors, providing enhanced functionality and adjustability.

How do I adjust the height elevation feature of these hinges?
Adjusting the height elevation feature is simple. The hinges come with a user-friendly mechanism that allows for easy adjustment of the door height. Detailed instructions and guidelines are provided in the installation manual.

Are these hinges compatible with different door sizes and weights?
Yes, our Adjustable Flat-Mount Cold Storage Hinges are designed to accommodate a range of door sizes and weights. The adjustable height feature ensures a precise fit and optimal support for various door dimensions.

Can these hinges withstand the temperature fluctuations commonly found in cold storage environments?
Absolutely! These hinges are specifically designed to withstand the temperature fluctuations and extreme conditions typically encountered in cold storage environments. They are built from durable materials that can handle the demands of such environments.

Do these hinges require regular maintenance?
While our hinges are built to be durable and reliable, it is recommended to perform periodic inspections and maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Regular lubrication and cleaning of the hinges will help maintain their smooth operation and extend their lifespan. Refer to the maintenance guidelines provided for specific recommendations.

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