Air Dampers with Fine-tuned Damping Force and Smooth Operation

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Our air dampers are designed to provide precise control over damping force and ensure smooth and quiet operation. With a compact design and easy installation, these dampers are suitable for various applications, including sliding doors with self-closing devices, general household doors, and commercial doors. The dampers are made primarily from resin, ensuring a lightweight construction without compromising durability. The use of a special adjustment mechanism allows for fine-tuning of the damping force through a needle valve. Experience efficient and reliable performance with our air dampers.



  • Precise damping control: The reaction force is exerted in the direction of retraction, ensuring effective control over the damper’s movement.
  • Fine-tuned damping force: The special adjustment mechanism enables the damping force to be finely adjusted using the needle valve.
  • Lightweight construction: Made mainly from resin, our dampers are designed to be lightweight without sacrificing durability.
  • Compact design: The compact design allows for easy installation in various applications.
  • Smooth and quiet operation: Enjoy smooth and quiet operation with our air dampers.


Specific Use:

  • Dampers for sliding doors with self-closing devices
  • Dampers for general household doors
  • Dampers for commercial doors

Air Dampers


1. Can I adjust the damping force of these air dampers?
Yes, our air dampers feature a special adjustment mechanism that allows for fine-tuning of the damping force using a needle valve.

2. Are these dampers easy to install?
Absolutely! The compact design of our air dampers ensures easy installation in various applications.

3. What materials are used in the construction of these dampers?
The cylinder of the damper is made from aluminum alloy (A6063TD), while the mounting part is made from polyamide (PA6).

4. Can these dampers be used in extreme temperature conditions?
Our dampers are designed to operate within an ambient temperature range of -10℃ to +60℃, making them suitable for most environments.

5. What is the maximum pull load these dampers can handle?
These dampers are designed to handle a pull load of 0.5N or less.

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