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Enhance your cold storage facilities with our Adjustable Flat-Mount Industrial Cold Room Hinge. This innovative hinge provides optimal functionality and durability for your cold room installations. With its adjustable feature and robust construction, it offers versatile solutions for various applications in the industrial sector.



Material: zinc alloy
Weight: 1200 g
Height: 50 mm
Packing: 16 pcs
Remarks: With spring and without spring.


Specific use:

Our Adjustable Flat-Mount Industrial Cold Room Hinge is specifically designed for use in cold storage facilities, such as warehouses, food processing plants, pharmaceutical storage, and other industrial applications. It provides reliable and flexible door functionality to ensure efficient operations in controlled temperature environments.



1. Q: Can I adjust the hinge height to fit different door sizes?
A: Absolutely! Our Adjustable Flat-Mount Industrial Cold Room Hinge features a height-adjustable design, allowing for easy customization to accommodate various door dimensions.

2. Q: Is the hinge made from durable materials suitable for cold room environments?
A: Yes, our hinge is constructed from high-quality zinc alloy, ensuring excellent durability and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for cold storage facilities.

3. Q: Does the hinge come with or without springs?
A: We offer two options for our Adjustable Flat-Mount Industrial Cold Room Hinge: one with springs (model ML2-201-A) and one without springs (model ML2-201-G). You can choose the variant that best suits your specific needs.

4. Q: How many quantities are packed per box?
A: 16 per box

5. Q: What is the height of the hinge?
A: Our Adjustable Flat-Mount Industrial Cold Room Hinge height is 50 mm and 65mm, offering a compact and efficient solution for cold room door installations.

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