Stainless Steel Door Stays with Smooth Sliding and Corrosion Resistance

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Introducing our high-quality stainless steel door stays designed for durability and efficiency. This product features corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction, ensuring its longevity even in harsh environments. The slide section incorporates smooth plastic components, enabling seamless and effortless movement. Suitable for both left and right applications, this industrial product offers reliable performance in various settings.



  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel: Crafted from high-grade stainless steel (SUS304), this product is built to withstand corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Smooth sliding: The slide section incorporates plastic components, providing a frictionless movement experience for optimal functionality.
  • Versatile design: Suitable for both left and right applications, this product offers flexibility and convenience in installation.
  • Hairline finish: The product boasts a sleek hairline finish, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and complementing any industrial setting.
  • Front cover application: Designed to be used for front covers, this product serves as an ideal solution for measuring and communication equipment.


Specific Use:

Our stainless steel door stays are specifically designed for applications in the field of measuring and communication equipment. Its durable construction, corrosion resistance, and smooth sliding mechanism make it a reliable choice for various industrial settings. Whether you need to secure front covers or facilitate smooth movements in equipment, our product is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Stainless Steel Door Stays


1. Is this door stays suitable for outdoor use?
Yes, the stainless steel construction of this product makes it highly resistant to corrosion, making it suitable for outdoor applications.

2. Can I use this door stays for both left and right installations?
Absolutely! This product is designed to accommodate both left and right applications, providing flexibility during installation.

3. What is the maximum load this product can withstand?
The allowable load for this product is 196N, ensuring it can handle the necessary weight requirements for your equipment.

4. Can I use this product for other purposes besides front covers?
While it is primarily designed for front cover applications, its versatile design and durability make it suitable for various other industrial uses as well.

5. Does this product require any special maintenance?
No, the stainless steel construction of this product requires minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning and inspection will help ensure its optimal performance and longevity.

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