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There are several types of hinges used on industrial box doors. Different constructions, different properties, and different materials determine the different names of industrial hinges. Today’s article is going to introduce a class of industrial concealed hinges. I will introduce it in detail from the following 5 aspects, which may be helpful to your box equipment manufacturers.

industrial concealed hinges

What is an industrial concealed hinge?

An industrial concealed hinge is a hinge that is installed inside a door and is mainly used on the doors of sheet metal box equipment such as industrial cabinets, server racks, and power distribution boxes. As its name indicates, it is concealed and cannot be seen from the outside of the equipment. This form of installation enhances the overall aesthetics and safety of the equipment.

These hinges are available in different hinge block configurations and different lengths of pins and sizes. They can often have a weight-bearing range of about 50 lbs. to 90 lbs. When we shop for an industrial concealed hinge, there is little need to consider its weight capacity, as it is always within our requirements. It is more likely to consider its construction, installation space, and other parameters.

These concealed hinges can be designed in various configurations. It can be installed on speedometer types of doors with various functions, such as cabinets, electrical box doors, server racks, and other sheet metal box equipment. These hinges are often produced in iron, zinc, steel, or aluminum. Heavy-duty hinges are made of stainless steel or zinc alloy with a galvanized, passivated, or electropolished finish that can withstand the necessary weight and stress requirements of industrial applications.

industrial concealed hinges

The difference between industrial concealed hinges and furniture hinges

It differs from furniture hinges mainly in terms of structure and function. There are various structures of industrial concealed hinges. They will be designed mainly based on the internal structure of different equipment doors, so the customization of these hinges is more demanding. It is often necessary to design the structure of the hinge according to the structure of the specific equipment door. The common structure is the U-shaped structure, which can well avoid the thickness of the door and door frame from bending.

In addition, the size of these hinges is generally not too large, because they are installed inside the door and the installation space is limited. So when designing the structure, engineers need to focus on the installation space question mark.

Furniture hinges tend to be relatively the same in terms of structure. The furniture hinges we see in our daily lives seem to have the same structure. Still, a large number of pictures on the Internet can show that furniture hinges are relatively uniform in structure. But their function may be a little more complex. For example, when the door is used for a long time, it can not be closed or closed not tight. At this time, you can adjust the position of the door by adjusting the screws on the hinges. This will allow the door to close again.

industrial concealed hinges

Main components of the industrial concealed hinges

The structure of an industrial concealed hinge is relatively simple. It mainly consists of two hinge blocks and a hinge spindle. This is the same structural composition as our common butt hinges. But the structure of the hinge block is often more special. The hinge block on the left side may be very different from the hinge block on the right side in terms of size and structure.

This is because one side is mounted on the door panel and the other side is mounted on the door frame. But on the inside of the door, the structure and space of the door panel and the door frame are often different. To accommodate such spaces, engineers have to design the hinge block structure to fit this installation space.

In addition, industrial concealed hinges are often designed to be removable. This is also a design idea for better installation of hinges in the interior space. Most of the hinges manufactured by IHINGES are also removable. Unless the internal space of the customer’s equipment is large enough, in which case a fixed design can be used.

industrial concealed hinges

Types of Industrial Concealed Hinges

The classification of industrial concealed hinges is different from that of furniture hinges. Because the structure and function of hinges are relatively homogeneous, there are not as many subdivisions of hinges as there are for furniture hinges. They have often been divided by their material, structure, and installation method.

For example, if the hinge is made of stainless steel, we classify it as stainless steel hidden hinge. If the structure is U-shaped, we call it U-shaped concealed hinge. The installation methods are screw installation and welding installation, which can also be used as the basis for the division. Here I will not give a detailed introduction.

At present, IHINGES’ conventional industrial concealed hinges are mainly heavy-duty concealed hinges, U-shaped concealed hinges, removable concealed hinges, etc. It can meet the requirements of most equipment doors in the current market. For newly developed equipment, we can provide customers with new designs if they provide new requirements.


Uses of Industrial Concealed Hinges

Industrial concealed hinges are mainly used on doors of industrial equipment. Here we need to distinguish between industrial hinges and commercial hinges. The applications are described in the previous section. They are used on doors of power distribution boxes, electrical cabinets, server racks, and all kinds of sheet metal equipment. These are mainly industrial equipment.

IHINGES is a professional manufacturer of various industrial hinges. Industrial concealed hinges are one of the hinges we focus on developing and producing. If you are looking to purchase these hinges, feel free to contact us. We have a large number of regular products in stock, and we can also provide customers with solutions to design and produce custom-made products for them.


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