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What are the industrial hinges?

They are a special category of hinges that are different from our common furniture hinges. They are mainly used on industrial equipment. Although the principles of industrial hinges and furniture hinges are the same, there are relatively obvious differences in structure, function, and special requirements. Here we focus on the characteristics of industrial hinges.


What are the characteristics of industrial hinges?

The construction of it is generally strong and durable, and not as aesthetically pleasing as furniture hinges, I’m talking about it in relative terms.

Because nowadays, they are increasingly designed to be aesthetically pleasing. This is because they are generally used on industrial equipment, which is inside factories, and they are not in the customer’s end-use scenario, so they are not for the general public.

Since it is not facing mass consumers, the requirements for aesthetics are not so high. But from the structural and performance aspects will be very strict. We know that the doors of industrial equipment are generally heavy, so it requires hinges to have a very structural and durable structure. Must meet the requirements of the equipment load-bearing performance.

In other words, they are more focused on structural performance, while furniture hinges are more focused on appearance. Of course, this is only relative, not absolute.

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What are the types of industrial hinges?

There are so many types of hinges that here I will only introduce the 5 types of hinges we currently produce.

It is also the most common type of hinge. It is generally made up of two symmetrical hinge blocks connected by a hinge shaft to connect the door and the door frame, and also to play a load-bearing role.

As the name implies, these are hinges that we cannot see after installation. This type of hinge can be a good way to add beauty and simplicity to the equipment. And Concealed hinge is also a space-saving design. You just need to make room for it when you install it and make sure it does not interfere with other structures or parts inside the device.

By its name, we can also easily know that this kind of hinge is a kind of heavy-duty hinge. The main focus is to highlight its high load-bearing performance. They are often used on heavier doors. For example, some large cold storage doors, and test equipment doors. You can go to our related topic page to learn more.

Detachable hinges. Many times we need to disassemble the door regularly and then reinstall it again. At this time, if we frequently remove the screws of the hinges, it will easily lead to poor installation. Our engineers design this type of removable hinge. The hinges can be removed and installed frequently while ensuring functionality. This is a very special-use scenario.

This is also a relatively special category of hinges, which are specifically used on the doors of freezers, refrigerated containers, and other equipment. It generally requires low-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and high load-bearing. Because the freezer door is generally heavy. So the size of these hinges is also generally larger. In fact, it is also considered heavy hinges.

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What materials are used to produce hinges?

They are made of stainless steel 304, zinc alloy, iron, and plastic, and the most popular materials used in IHINGES they are stainless steel 304 and zinc alloy. We specialize in customizing hinges for our customers, and we use better materials in order to provide them with higher-quality products. Of course, this process requires us to communicate with our customers, taking into account the objective requirements and the economic situation of our customers. If you are now considering designing an industrial hinge for your own equipment, contact us now.

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What are the surface finishes of hinges?

First, let’s introduce what surface treatment is. It is to make a protective film on the surface of the product. This is usually done by spraying, plating, or polishing. The surface treatment not only protects the product but also improves the aesthetics of the product. We can do different color surface treatments for the products according to the customer’s requirements.


How to buy the right industrial hinges?

Finally, if you need to shop for an industrial hinge, we present you with two ways to do so, one is to shop from the types of products we currently have in stock. This way we can get you the fastest delivery at an affordable price.

The second way is to order a custom-made industrial hinge. This way you can customize the most suitable hinge for you so that the produced hinge can be integrated with your equipment and look very harmonious and beautiful. This is what we do best because we are a professional industrial hinge manufacturer.

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