Why do environmental chamber hinges rattle

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There are often various problems with environmental chamber hinges in the process of use, sometimes they do not close the door, or do not close tightly. Sometimes there is a strange noise during the rotation process. Most of the time these problems appear on the hinges, and we need to carefully verify the cause of the problem.

Today, based on years of work experience, I am dedicated to introducing the problem of hinge rattling, what factors can cause hinge rattling, and the methods we can use.


What are the environmental chamber hinges?

A hinge is a hardware accessory that is used to connect the door to the door frame while acting as a load-bearing device. It is composed of two hinge blocks and a shaft. The two hinge blocks rotate around the shaft to each other. A hinge cannot be used alone; it is a hardware accessory that cannot perform its function independently and needs to be installed on the door.

The hinges produced by IHINGES are mainly used in industrial fields, such as industrial oven hinges, chassis, cabinets, electrical boxes, and other equipment.


Why do environmental chamber hinges rattle?

A hinge rattles mainly because of the severe friction between the hinge block and the hinge shaft. As we know, hinges are assembled by hinge blocks and hinge pins. When the two hinge blocks rotate with each other, if the clearance is too small, it will easily lead to friction and thus the phenomenon of rattling occurs.

In addition, when the hinges are not installed on the door, the hinges do not rotate without rattling; when the hinges are installed on the door, rattling will occur. This situation is also what we often encounter. It is possible that the hinge block is deflected by gravity, causing the two hinge blocks to be close together and emitting a frictional sound when rotating.


What kind of hinges is prone to noise?

Generally, hinges made of metal are prone to rattling, but if plastic is used, there is almost no rattling between the hinges. Even if the friction between two hinge blocks does not occur, the sound will not occur. Because non-metallic materials are very flexible, the vibration generated by friction is not enough to generate sound. The metal material is very strong, and the friction process will produce significant vibration and thus sound.

In addition, when the hinges are used for too long, if there is no certain maintenance, it may also cause the hinges to make a strange noise. Because the hinge may not be lubricated enough, or the hinge pin rust phenomenon, resulting in the use of the process of a strange noise.

And a long time to use the hinges, the hinge pins may have been some slight deformation, leading to all the hinge pins on the door is not in the same line, close the door will produce a strange noise or even unable to close the door.


What factors will cause the environmental chamber hinges to rattle?

There are many factors that cause the production of hinges to rattle. I have summarized a few of the most frequent factors.

  • Not enough lubrication between the two hinge blocks

When the hinge is rotating, there will be friction between the two hinge blocks. If there is not enough lubrication. It will lead to friction, and friction will produce vibration. And when this phenomenon of vibration is strong, a strange sound will occur.

In order to avoid this phenomenon, we will add a shim between the hinge blocks or apply enough lubricating fluid.


  • There is not enough lubrication between the hinge leaves and the hinge pins

The hinge pins will be tightly fixed to one of the two hinge leaves as a fixed whole. And the other hinge leaf is set on the hinge pin. So that it forms an interconnection and mutual rotation between the hinge leaves.

At this time, if the hinge leaves and hinge pins are not sufficiently lubricated, or the clearance of the fit is too small, friction will also occur, resulting in the occurrence of a strange noise.


  • The hinge pin is rusted

If you use the hinge quality is too poor, it is possible that the hinge pin is made of iron. Then time will occur the phenomenon of rust, which makes the hinge pin diameter becomes thicker. And even the hinge pin and the hinge leaf completely fixed together can not be turned.


  •  The weight of the door exceeds the weight of all the hinges to bear

Because the weight of the door exceeds the weight that the hinge can bear. Then the hinge block or hinge shaft may be deformed, deformation an amount occurs. It will lead to the production of serious friction between the hinge leaves and the hinge block. Thus occurring the phenomenon of a strange noise.


How to deal with the phenomenon when the hinge rattles?

When the industrial hinges rattling occurs, you need to first determine which hinge on the door is rattling, or all hinges are rattling. Then try to find out the location of the noise by opening and closing the door.

When we find a specific location where the noise is occurring. We can follow that location to find out which is the cause. If you find that the hinge does not have enough lubrication. Then you can add lubricant, if the hinge has the phenomenon of rust, you can spray rust inhibitor. If the hinge is seriously deformed, then you can consider replacing one.

Basically, when we go through the above treatment, the hinge rattling problem can be solved.


How to avoid hinges rattling?

For the manufacturer of hinges, producing a hinge without rattling is the most basic requirement. We can’t deliver this kind of unqualified product to our customers. So what exactly do we need to do to avoid hinge rattling?

We can add shims between the hinge leaves so that the friction between the hinge blocks will be much less. It will not lead to the occurrence of rattling. In addition, the clearance between the hinge shaft and the hinge leaf must be calculated well. The gap is too large or too small may produce the problem of strange noise.


How to maintain the environmental chamber hinges?

Normally, in the process of using hinges, regular maintenance is also required. If the hinge surface is not cleaned for a long time, there may be oil and dust. And these substances mixed together may easily cause corrosion to the hinge surface. On the topic of rusting hinges, we have an article dedicated to it: What to do when industrial hinges are rusty?

Regularly clean the hinge surface of oil and dust, and regularly add lubricant to the rotating part of the hinge. And also pay attention that the weight of the door should not exceed the maximum load-bearing capacity of the hinge.

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