8 Industrial Hinges That Open to 180 Degrees

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In the diverse world of industrial manufacturing, 180 degree industrial hinges play a critical role in providing flexibility, durability, and efficiency in various applications. These specially designed hinges can fully rotate, allowing doors or panels to swing back flat against a structure. Here’s a comprehensive look at eight industrial hinges that open to 180 degrees, each with unique features and applications.

Stainless Steel 304 Compact Hinge

A compact and user-friendly design, this hinge is made from stainless steel 304 and comes with a polished finish. Designed for indoor and outdoor equipment, it offers both elegance and performance.

The stainless steel 304 hinge is not just appealing to the eye but offers corrosion resistance and strength. Its compact design ensures ease of installation, making it a favorite in various industrial settings.

180 degree industrial hinges

Piano Hinge in Multiple Materials

This versatile hinge is known as a piano hinge and can open to 180 degrees. It is available in iron, stainless steel, or copper, each with distinct surface treatments, hence different colors.

The diversity in materials and finishes allows it to fit into different environments and applications. Whether you need strength, aesthetics, or corrosion resistance, this hinge has a variant to suit your needs.

180 degree industrial hinges

Cold Storage Hinge

Designed explicitly for refrigerated box equipment, this hinge is created using zinc alloy and stainless steel. With an ability to open even beyond 180 degrees, it ensures convenience in handling large objects.

The cold storage hinge combines load-bearing capacity with anti-corrosion properties. Its design caters to the specific requirements of refrigeration units, offering both functionality and reliability.

180 degree industrial hinges

Stainless Steel Hinge for Steamers and Industrial Ovens

This 201 stainless steel hinge has a unique structure that easily enables it to open to 180 degrees. Customized by IHINGES, it’s ideal for steamers and industrial ovens.

The special design not only ensures smooth operation but enhances the hinge’s durability and performance. It demonstrates how industrial hinges can be tailored to fit the unique requirements of specialized machinery.

Stainless Steel Damping Hinge

Offered in both small and large specifications, this damping hinge can stop at any angle, nearly reaching 180 degrees. Its design is affected by its structural components.

A remarkable piece of engineering, this hinge allows precise control over the opening angle, providing additional flexibility in its application. Available in various sizes, it caters to different industrial needs.

Stainless steel adjustable damping hinges

Hidden U-shaped Industrial Hinge

This hidden hinge features a U-shape structure that makes it easy to open up to 180 degrees. Its concealed installation enhances aesthetics and saves internal space.

The hidden U-shaped hinge is an excellent example of functional elegance. By being unnoticeable on the exterior, it provides a clean look without sacrificing performance or functionality.

Concealed Hinges For Distribution Boards

Foldable 180-Degree Industrial Hinge

An industrial hinge that stands out for its foldable feature, it opens to 180 degrees, allowing door panels to butt together without gaps.

This hinge is particularly useful for small equipment doors that require folding. Its design ensures both space efficiency and seamless integration, highlighting its innovative engineering.

180° Concealed Interlock Hinges For Distribution Boards And Communication Equipment

Removable Stainless Steel Industrial Hinge

Available as split left and right, these removable hinges allow entire door panels to be taken off for easy access. They also open to 180 degrees, offering additional flexibility.

These hinges reflect the practical and thoughtful design, considering the regular use of the equipment. While purchasing, the direction of door opening is essential, further proving its attention to detail.

Removable Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Hinge 50x80x6mm (1)


These eight 180-degree industrial hinges demonstrate the variety and innovation in hinge technology within the industrial sector. Ranging from compact and hidden designs to specialized cold storage and removable models, each hinge offers unique features to meet specific industrial needs. As technology continues to evolve, these hinges will likely see even more specialized adaptations, reflecting the ever-changing demands of the industrial landscape.

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