7 differences between aging test chamber hinges and furniture hinges

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Hinges are divided into two main areas: aging test chamber hinges and furniture hinges. Yet there are many differences between them, or the two fields have different emphases in certain areas. I will introduce the differences between these two types of hinges in the following 7 areas, which may help you to choose a suitable one.



The appearance of aging test chamber hinges is generally not very strict, because these hinges are mainly used in factory equipment and do not directly face the general public. Therefore, they are plainer in appearance.

The appearance of furniture hinges is generally more demanding, with a more beautiful surface. This is because these hinges are often used in customers’ furniture and directly face the general public.

detachable industrial hinges manufacturer & supplier
detachable industrial hinges manufacturer & supplier

And in terms of packaging will also be more exquisite, aging test chamber hinges due to their use of large quantities, and factory equipment installed, may be complex packaging rather unfavorable to workers to install. Each one has to be removed from the packaging like unpacking a courier, which seems very inefficient.



The structure of an industrial hinge is generally simple, like its appearance. Because industrial hinges focus on functionality, the aesthetics of their appearance or structure will be considered after the functionality has been achieved. Of course, this is relative and not absolute. Many industrial products are now designed to look as good as a work of art.

The structure of furniture hinges is generally more complex, and it is always necessary to consider the aesthetics and ease of maintenance after installation. Because these hinges are used in millions of homes, even the slightest impersonality will cause customers to complain.

industrial-cabinet-concealed-hinges-manufacturer & supplier
industrial-cabinet-concealed-hinges-manufacturer & supplier

Industrial hinge workers, on the other hand, do not care if the structure is slightly less beautiful as long as it meets the functional requirements. Moreover, in such an environment of use, the simple and rough structure is rather better to set off an industrial atmosphere.



Whether it is an industrial hinge or a furniture hinge, the requirement for the function is fundamental and needs to be strictly met. Only the focus of the two types of hinges in terms of function is discussed here.

Industrial hinges have a wide range of functional requirements, some requiring concealed installation, some requiring removability, and some requiring high load-bearing capacity. And these functions are generally not concentrated on the same hinge, but rather a hinge can achieve only one function.

The function of furniture hinges is relatively single, generally butt hinges. A bit more complex are cabinet hinges, which are to be installed concealed and can adjust the size of the door gap. The weight-bearing requirements are not as high as industrial hinges, which are generally installed on heavier equipment doors and have high requirements for weight-bearing.

industrial hinges manufacturer
industrial hinges manufacturer



Industrial hinges are mainly made of iron, aluminum, stainless steel, and zinc alloy, furniture hinges use more stainless steel because the home use environment is still relatively complex, the use of stainless steel can be corrosion-resistant, and does not worry about the surface of the hinge will be destroyed.

If the use of iron, the surface is destroyed, and after a long time will be easy to rust, coupled with the existence of a certain amount of oil and smoke in the home environment, will be going on this rust phenomenon. Of course, it mainly depends on the use environment, industrial hinges in different use environments using different materials. For example, in the case of outdoor use, industrial hinges are mainly made of stainless steel.

industrial hinges manufacturer
industrial hinges manufacturer


Surface treatment

The surface treatment is for iron, aluminum, and zinc alloy materials. Stainless steel materials generally do not require surface treatment. Both industrial hinges and furniture hinges require different surface finishes depending on the material.

The surface treatment of industrial hinges will generally do more industrial atmosphere, while the surface treatment of furniture hinges will generally do fine. But it is not that the quality is good or bad, just focus on the different styles.

industrial hinges manufacturer
industrial hinges manufacturer


Environment of use

Industrial hinges are used in very complex environments. Some are used indoors and some are used outdoors. And some use environments have oil and dust, which require high corrosion resistance of hinges. Some are used in a very good environment, in a relatively dry indoor environment.

Furniture hinges are generally used in the home or office, basically. In the indoor environment, the use of the environment is not so complex.


Service life

The life span of a hinge is largely determined by the actual product. If the hinge is used in a good environment and the frequency of opening and closing is low. The life span of the hinge will be longer. Conversely, the life expectancy will be shorter.

Overall, industrial hinges generally last longer than furniture hinges, but this is not absolute.

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