7 types of door concealed hinges for electric cabinet

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One of the most used hinges in the production of electric cabinets is the door concealed hinges. Of course, it is not limited to electric cabinet products, but also other sheet metal structure equipment similar to electric cabinets.

IHINGES is a professional manufacturer of this type of hinge, if you want to know more about this type of product, you can click on this link: concealed hinges. I will also introduce you to the features and types of this type of hinge. I hope it will be helpful to you.


What are door concealed hinges?

First of all, it is better to introduce what is a door concealed hinge. It is a type of hinge that is specifically installed inside the door and is not visible from the outside of the box. This is the reason why these hinges are called door concealed hinges. There are various configurations of concealed door hinges, and IHINGES can also customize different configurations of concealed hinges for our customers.


Why are these hinges used in electrical cabinets?

Door concealed hinge is mainly used in electric cabinets and equipment of sheet metal box structures. It is mainly installed on the inside of the door. These products are installed outdoors and indoors. Electric cabinets installed outdoors have waterproof requirements, so for the overall sealing performance, such door concealed hinges are often used instead of butt hinges.

Indoor use of electric cabinets may not have such high requirements, after all, do not need to consider the harsh environment of the wind and rain. So ordinary hinges with exposed installation can be used. But because of the mass production of electric cabinets, it is not convenient to distinguish between indoor and outdoor use. So it is simply unified to adopt a higher standard of production. That’s why most of the products of electric cabinets use door concealed hinges.


What are the features of door concealed hinges?

Door concealed hinges have period outstanding features. The biggest feature is the concealed installation, which enhances the aesthetics of the box. In addition, in terms of functionality, it can provide a better sealing environment for the box door. When the hinge is installed inside the door, it can make a better overall seal for the box door.

In addition, door concealed hinges can be designed to be disassembled, or what we call disassembled hinges. Because this type of hinge is installed inside the door, the space is relatively small. This is where the inconvenience of hinge installation comes into play. That’s why they are often designed to be removable for better installation.

To install the hinges, two hinge blocks are installed on the door frame and the door respectively, and finally, the door is connected to the frame by hinge pins. This way it is not limited by the small space. However, these hinges are not as load-bearing as gate heavy-duty hinges.


7 types of door concealed hinges for electric cabinet

Here I will introduce 7 door concealed hinges that we produce at IHINGES.

  • The first door concealed hinge

This hinge is made of zinc alloy die-casting process, and the surface treatment is black spray paint. The other hinge is made of stamped iron, and it is welded in place. When the hinge needs to be disassembled, the pins on both sides of the hinge are pulled out and the other outer hinge block is disassembled.

The hinge block mounted on the door frame is screw mounted, while the hinge block mounted on the door panel is welded, so it should be noted that after the welding is completed, the welded part needs to be rust-proofed. You can spray paint or spray anti-rust oil, the following is a detailed size chart.


  • The second door concealed hinge

This one is made of iron stamping. The surface treatment is white zinc plating. It can also be disassembled, but it requires a tool to remove the spring at one end of the pin when it is disassembled. The mounting holes of the two hinge blocks are of different sizes, as shown in the dimensional drawings below. The diameter of the pin is 4.8 mm, which is our regular product and we have a large number of them in stock.


  • The third door concealed hinge

This one is also produced by the stamping process. The material is stainless steel 304, which can also be disassembled and installed by removing the spring at one end of the pin with the help of a spring clamp. The size of the mounting holes of the two hinge blocks is also different.

The pin diameter of this concealed door hinge is 6mm, and the design structure is U-shaped, which can be modified according to customer requirements. Specific dimensions are shown below.


  • The fourth door concealed hinge

This one is also produced by a stamping process, the material is available in iron and stainless steel 304, and is also removable. There are two types of installation, one is screw installation, the other is welded installation, and the size is the same. The thickness of the material is 2mm, the pin diameter is 8mm. detailed dimensions are shown below.


  • The fifth door concealed hinge

    This hinge is similar in structure to the fourth model and is made of stainless steel 304 with a material thickness of 3mm. The curved hinge block is reinforced to make the hinge block more load-bearing. This hinge is welded and can be disassembled. Of course, it can also be changed to screw hole installation according to customer requirements. It is just custom-made, and everything can be modified according to customer requirements. The picture below shows the detailed dimensions.

  • The sixth door concealed hinges

    This one hinge is also similar to the structure of the 4th and 5th models. Only the size is slightly smaller, and it is not reinforced. Its load-bearing performance is slightly worse, but only within its load-bearing range, it is no problem. The material thickness is 2mm and the pin diameter is 8mm.

  • The seventh door concealed hinge

The last one has a U-shaped structure, which can increase the opening angle of the door, and the U-shaped structure can provide more space for avoidance, so the door can be opened at a larger angle. In addition, one of its hinge blocks is cylindrical, and it is welded directly to the door frame. The pin diameter is 6mm and the thickness of the material is 4mm. detailed dimensions are shown below.

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