What is another name for a piano hinge?

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Are you looking for a piano hinge? Finding that it is called something else, so much so that you are not sure which term to search by.

A piano hinge, also commonly referred to as a continuous hinge, is a long, narrow hinge that runs the entire length of two surfaces to which it is joined. This type of hinge is most notably used in large, heavy applications where a regular hinge wouldn’t suffice. 

Stick around, and I guarantee you’ll see these everyday objects in a completely different light. You’ll begin to appreciate the art behind the hinge.

Continuous Piano Hinges By Ihinges
Continuous Piano Hinges By Ihinges



Why is it called a piano hinge?

This term originates from its early application on the lids of pianos. Given that piano required a hinge that could support the heavy lid while also blending seamlessly into the design, the continuous hinge was born. Over time, these hinges began to see widespread application in various other industries, leading to the alternate term, continuous hinge.


Are there different types of piano hinges?

Yes, indeed. Piano hinges, while conceptually simple, come in a variety of forms designed to fit a range of applications. These variations include heavy-duty piano hinges, light-duty piano hinges, and concealed piano hinges, each serving a specific purpose. Heavy-duty hinges are often used in large industrial equipment, while lighter-duty options might find their place in smaller, less demanding settings. Concealed piano hinges are intended to blend into the design of the object, making them virtually invisible when the door or lid is closed.

Continuous hinges for automation equipment


What materials are used to make these hinges?

The materials used in the construction of these hinges largely depend on their intended use. Steel piano hinges are common due to their robustness and durability. They are a great fit for heavy-duty industrial applications. Stainless steel piano hinges offer additional corrosion resistance, making them perfect for environments where they may be exposed to harsh conditions. For applications that require a lighter weight, aluminum piano hinges might be used.


How are piano hinges applied in the industrial sector?

Piano hinges are vital in many industrial sectors. Their strength and durability make them the perfect solution for connecting large doors and panels on various types of industrial box equipment. For instance, our clients at IHINGES commonly use them in environmental test chambers, network cabinets, electrical boxes, railroad equipment, and even in military applications. The applications are indeed as diverse as they are essential.



In summary, the humble piano hinge, or the continuous hinge, as it’s also known, is a hero of the industrial world. Not just a mechanism for pianos, this hinge’s versatility and strength make it an ideal choice for numerous applications in various industries. Whether it’s for heavy-duty machinery or simply an aesthetic choice, these hinges serve a critical function that keeps our world running smoothly.

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