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Industrial barrel hinges are a special type of hinge for industrial equipment. It is mainly reflected in its structure. It consists of two cylinders and a pin and is very simple to combine. Of course, we will focus here on the industrial barrel hinge. It is different from the barrel hinge in construction and furniture. Here I will introduce the industrial barrel hinge in 6 aspects.


What are the industrial barrel hinges?

An industrial barrel hinge is a type of hinge that can be removed. It allows the door panel to be lifted off the post and removed without removing the pin. Generally speaking, a barrel hinge is a welded, industrial hinge made of stainless steel or iron and ball bearings.

The pins of industrial barrel hinges are mainly stainless steel pins, which are corrosion-resistant. Some simple heavy-duty industrial barrel hinges have only two cylinders on top and bottom and a pin attached in the middle. If they are made of iron, they often do not have a surface finish because the entire unit needs to be painted together after welding and installation. If it is made of stainless steel then it does not matter.

industrial barrel hinges
industrial barrel hinges


What are the characteristics of industrial barrel hinges?

The feature of industrial barrel hinges is that they are removable. After installation, if the door needs to be removed, it can be removed by lifting the door without removing the pins. This allows for quick installation and removal of the door. This is very practical on some special occasions.

In addition, industrial barrel hinges are mainly welded to the door and door frame. Some barrel hinges have welded tabs on the cylindrical surface for easy alignment during welding.

Another feature of industrial barrel hinges is their simple construction, often with only two hinge posts on top and bottom and a pin. However, they can be customized with different thick lines and lengths to accommodate doors of different weights. However, this type of hinge will generally not be heavy-duty oven hinges. Because it is not suitable for installation on industrial ovens.


Introduction to the parameters of industrial barrel hinges

  • Installation method

Industrial barrel hinges are generally mounted using the welded installation. Its construction prevents it from being mounted with openings like butt hinges.


  • Pin material

The material of the pin is very important and it is necessary to decide which material to use depending on the weight of the door. In general, we use stainless steel. In combination with the actual situation and cost budget, mild steel can also be used.


  • Hinge material

The material of the hinge can be mild steel or 300 series stainless steel. If it is used in the general weight of the door, you can use mild steel material. But slightly on the weight requirements of the case, it is necessary to use stainless steel material. Mild steel material in the welding after the need to take measures to prevent rust, and corrosion prevention. Stainless steel is generally not used, it has its own surface corrosion resistance.


  • Pin style

The style of the pin mainly refers to whether the pin can be removed. There are two main cases, one is the pin and one of the hinge blocks combined into a whole not removable. The other case is that the pin is completely detachable from both hinge blocks.

If the pin is combined with the hinge block as an inseparable whole, then the hinge block and the pin can be machined directly into a single unit. There are different production processes involved.


  • Surface treatment

For hinges made of iron, the surface treatment is usually electroplated or painted. Hinges made of stainless steel are generally polished.


Types of industrial barrel hinges

  • Barrel gate hinges

These hinges are mainly used for common gates and are not very demanding. As long as they can meet the load-bearing requirements, they can be used.


  • Hidden barrel hinges

These hinges are mainly installed in some industrial cabinets, network cabinets, server racks, and other equipment. They are generally small in size and are installed inside the door. The hinges are not visible from the outside.


  • Welded barrel hinges

This type of hinge is the most common type of industrial barrel hinge. It should be said that all other types of barrel hinges are also considered welded barrel hinges. Because these hinges are basically welded, they are called welded barrel hinges.


  • Stainless steel barrel hinges

The main emphasis here is on the material of the barrel hinges. Stainless steel barrel hinges tend to be stronger and more load-bearing. The barrel hinges, it is a high-quality product.


How to install barrel hinges?

When installing industrial barrel hinges, you need to calculate the number of hinges to be installed and where to install them. In most cases, two hinges are sufficient. Generally, the two hinges are positioned on the top side to better support the vertical weight of the door.

After the position is determined, welding is used to install it. Welding can be done with spot welding first when the hinges are fixed. Check whether the door is installed in place, whether it will produce strange noise or close the situation is not tight. After these problems are solved, then use continuous welding to completely weld the hinges.

The process of continuous welding also requires constant observation of the hinges to see if they are out of position. Turn After welding, there is a possibility that the material will shrink.


Advantages of IHINGES production of industrial barrel hinges

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