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Among the categories of hinges, there is a particular type of hinge, the detachable hinge. As we know, the simplest components of a hinge are two hinge blocks and a hinge shaft. The detachable industrial hinge in this case means that the two hinge blocks can be detachable from each other. Even the hinge shaft can be disassembled.

Why is it necessary for the hinge blocks to be disassembled from each other? The main reason is that the door needs to be regularly disassembled in actual use. It would be a very troublesome job to disassemble just the screws on the door hinges.

If the hinge blocks can be disassembled, you only need to gently lift the door so that one end of the hinge block is free from the hinge shaft, and the door can be easily disassembled.

Below I will detail the following 10 aspects of detachable hinges.detachable industrial hinges manufacturer & supplier


What is a detachable hinge?

The meaning of a detachable hinge is not difficult to understand literally, it is removable. It is removable in order to achieve a door that is removable.

Some detachable hinges have a hinge shaft that is fixed to one of the hinge blocks, and some are not fixed to any of the hinge blocks. This means that all three are detachable from each other.

Detachable hinges are widely used in the industrial sector as well as in the construction and furniture sectors. Here we will focus on the detachable hinges used in the industrial sector. Industrial detachable hinges are mainly used for lighter cases, cabinets, and other equipment.

After all, detachable hinges are not as safe and reliable as other hinges, so they are generally used in the process of lighter or less secure equipment doors. If it is installed on a heavy door, even if the door can be disassembled, it is a very laborious job to disassemble. So generally are installed on the lighter doors, you can one person or two people can easily disassemble the door.detachable industrial hinges manufacturer & supplier


What is a detachable industrial hinge?

We talked about what a detachable hinge is, so what is a detachable industrial hinge? Obviously, these hinges are mainly used on industrial equipment doors and are called detachable industrial hinges. In fact, we have already introduced it in the previous subsection.

We know that detachable hinges are also used in the construction and furniture sectors. But this type of hinge is not the scope of what we are going to introduce today. So in order to distinguish this type of hinge, we deliberately state its use, which is detachable industrial hinges. The meaning is to indicate detachable hinges that are only used in the industrial field.

One typical use of detachable industrial hinges is in the field of electrical boxes and cabinets. For example, when many devices are delivered to customers for use, engineers are needed to debug them, and then engineers are needed to connect computers in front of the electrical boxes for debugging work.

Then this time the door needs to be open all the time. Debugging is usually in a relatively small space, then the door will be an obstacle, the door needs to be completely disassembled to facilitate debugging, and then install the door after the debugging is complete.detachable industrial hinges manufacturer & supplier


The relationship between detachable and concealed industrial hinges

A large part of detachable industrial hinges is actually concealed industrial hinges as well. We introduced the installation of concealed hinges for industrial cabinets in an earlier article.

For concealed hinges, the installation space is limited, and it would be more convenient to install them if they are designed to be removable. Therefore, in many cases, the hidden hinge not only has the hidden performance but also has the disassembly performance.

Of course, a detachable hinge is not necessarily a concealed hinge, and a concealed hinge is not necessarily a detachable hinge. Rather, most concealed industrial hinges are designed to be removable.detachable industrial hinges manufacturer & supplier


What are the types of detachable hinges?

We mentioned earlier that a detachable industrial hinge is not necessarily a hidden hinge, it is just one of the categories. The main types of detachable industrial hinges are as follows.

  1. Concealed detachable industrial hinges. It is also the category we just talked about. That is, there is a hidden performance that also has a removable performance
  2.  Butt detachable hinges. That is, the hinge blocks are symmetrical or in the same installation level between a class of hinges. This type of hinge is developed on the basis of the butt hinges.
  3. Heavy-duty detachable industrial hinges. This type of hinge is a hinge with strong load-bearing performance. It is developed from heavy-duty hinges.
  4. Cold storage room detachable industrial hinge. This type of hinge belongs to the category of cold storage room hinges. It is developed from cold storage room hinges. Some cold storage rooms also need to be disassembled and the doors are installed again when all the goods have been handled.detachable industrial hinges manufacturer & supplier


Are detachable industrial hinges reliable?

The reliability of detachable industrial hinges has always been a natural idea for people to be concerned about. This is because it is surprisingly removable. Normally, we want the hinge to be attached as firmly as possible. Now that it can be disassembled, is this hinge reliable?

Of course, this idea is understandable. It is important to emphasize that in most cases, detachable industrial hinges are more reliable. In other words, we will only consider the use of detachable industrial hinges when absolute safety is guaranteed.

For example, in the case of very common box equipment, the weight of the door is very light, and the equipment is not special function equipment, there is no problem with using detachable hinges as a safety hazard. In rare cases of special scenarios, customers will consider the use of detachable hinges after comprehensive consideration.detachable industrial hinges manufacturer & supplier


What are the features of detachable industrial hinges?

The detachable industrial hinges are characterized by the following 3 points.

  1. It can be detachable. This is the biggest feature of detachable industrial hinges. Removability can be easily removed from the door if we need to open the door for a long time to carry out debugging operations. Then the door will always interfere with our work, here the whole door disassembly down is very convenient.
  2. There is a limit to load-bearing. Disassembly hinges are generally not used in some heavy doors. Even if some disassembly hinges are designed as heavy-duty hinges, they are still relatively load-bearing. Compared to non-removable heavy-duty hinges, the load-bearing capacity is worse. This is mainly for safety reasons. There is no need to use detachable hinges for overly heavy doors.
  3. Material requirements are not high. Detachable industrial hinges have relatively low requirements for performance. For example, weight-bearing can not need to be too heavy, or mainly installed in some lighter doors. So there are more choices of materials. It can be made of iron, zinc alloy, or even nylon.detachable industrial hinges manufacturer & supplier


What equipment needs to be fitted with detachable industrial hinges?

Equipment that requires the installation of detachable industrial hinges is generally a state where the door requires frequent opening. For example, some electrical box equipment needs to dissipate heat during work, requiring the door to be open for a long time.

When not working, the door can be closed. Some equipment needs to be frequently debugged, also requires the door needs to be kept open during the debugging period.

In short, the need to install removable industrial hinges needs to be determined by our customers. When they need to use the detachable industrial hinges in their own products, then they can find us to provide the relevant products.


How to install detachable industrial hinges?

There are 5 steps to installing a detachable industrial hinge as follows.

  1. Determine the type of door construction. Determine the type of door structure to determine the type of disassembly industrial hinge, whether it is a flat installation or a step installation.
  2. Determine the number of hinges to be installed. Determine the number of hinges based on the weight of the door, which is the same as installing other hinges.
  3. Mark the location of the hinges. In particular, make sure that all the hinge axes are in the same line after the hinges are installed. To ensure the smoothness of the door.
  4. Install the hinge blocks on the door and door frame separately. Install the hinge blocks in the disassembled state on the door and the door frame separately.
  5. Check the door after it is installed. This step is very important to make sure that the door is very smooth during opening and closing and that no other forces can affect it.


How to buy detachable hinges?

The selection of detachable industrial hinges is based on the following considerations.

  1. The type of installation of the hinge, whether it is a flat installation or a step installation.
  2. The load-bearing capacity of the hinge. The weight of the hinge and the number of hinges to be installed should be considered according to the weight of the door.
  3. Material of the hinge. What material of detachable industrial hinges do you intend to use?
  4. Custom or off-the-shelf. Consider whether to order a new detachable industrial hinge or to use a conventional off-the-shelf hinge.


Looking for manufacturers who order detachable hinges?

If you are now looking for a company that specializes in the production of disassembled industrial hinges, then IHINGES may be something you can focus on. We are a professional manufacturer of industrial hinges. At present, we mainly produce five types of industrial hinges.

They are butt hinges, concealed hinges, heavy-duty hinges, disassembled hinges, and cold storage room hinges.

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