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The subject of today’s article is the finish of industrial hinges. Almost all industrial products on the market require a finish. It’s just that the treatment is different. So what is a finish and why is it necessary?

I will introduce these questions in detail in the following draw content. We will separate all the knowledge about finish in the context of our company’s hinge products. Maybe it will help you.

finish of industrial hinges


What is an industrial hinge?

Before introducing the finish, let’s understand what are the industrial hinges. It is a hardware accessory used to connect a door to a door frame. It is a hardware accessory product. The product tends to be relatively small and is installed on the door of an industrial facility. And play the role of load-bearing.

Our factory is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of industrial hinges. In order to explain the finish-related knots, it is an excellent way to introduce them in conjunction with industrial hinges. So first, let’s introduce what industrial hinges are. The picture below shows one of the industrial hinges produced by IHINGES.


What is the finish?

Let’s officially get into today’s topic. First of all, we need to know what the finish is.

The finish is the process of artificially forming a surface layer on the surface of a substrate material with mechanical, physical, and chemical properties different from those of the substrate. The purpose of the finish is to meet the product’s corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decorative or other special functional requirements.

For metal castings, our more common finish methods are, mechanical polishing, chemical treatment, surface heat treatment, and spraying surface, and the finish is to clean, sweep, deburr, de-oil, and de-oxidize the surface of the workpiece.

The finish belongs to the oldest technology. Since there were humans on earth, the finish was one of the first technologies that humans mastered. Primitive humans lived tough life, living in groups. In order to survive, they made stone tools. Grinding techniques gave stone tools a sharp edge, creating a “splitting” effect. By the Neolithic era, the stone tools used by primitive people were polished all over, with a fine and smooth surface and decorative effects, which became the mainstream of the times.


Why do industrial hinges need to be surface treated?

The finish can make the outer surface of the die casting protected and strengthened, thus improving the service life and reliability of the product. Realize the compounding of die-casting surface materials, and the performance of the materials make up for each other.

Solve the problems that a single material of die casting matrix can not solve. And also to obtain a dazzling appearance, it is helpful to improve the economic value of the product. It is important to save materials and energy.


What are the ways of finishing?

There are two main types of finish, one is surface coating technology. Many of the industrial hinges produced by IHINGES are made of zinc alloy, and these materials are treated in this way.

Another kind of surface modification technology is to change the organization and properties of the surface of die casting by some means, such as surface quenching, shot blasting, high energy beam surface modification, chemical heat treatment, etc. Our stainless steel industrial hinges are produced with a polished finish. It can be brushed polished or mirror polished.


How to choose the finish of industrial hinges?

Generally speaking, the hinges are produced with materials such as iron, zinc alloy, and aluminum. We will use finish such as electroplating, painting, electrophoresis, and spraying. Because this kind of material can absorb the coating very well and it is not easy to fall off.

If the hinges are made of stainless steel 304. We use a polished finish. But the purpose is not to protect the hinge itself, but to make the product more beautiful. Because the stainless steel material itself has anti-corrosion properties, no need to do an additional protective layer on its surface.


Can industrial hinges be made without a finish?

When IHINGES orders industrial hinges for our customers, some of our customers want the product without a finish. That is to say, they would like to provide only the rough parts. We later found out that the customer wanted the hinges to be painted together with the equipment after they were installed on their equipment. This way, the equipment, and hinge parts could be finished in a uniform color.

Under normal circumstances, however, we do need to finish the product. Especially when the product is used in some environment where it is easy to be corrupted. For example, outdoor or high temperature, high humidity, and other environments.

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