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Stainless steel industrial hinges are a kind of hinge that does not easily rust and get corroded. These hinges are mainly produced from stainless steel 304. It can be made by mold stamping or casting. I will introduce the following 5 aspects of Its detailed knowledge.


What are stainless steel industrial hinges?

Most of the stainless steel industrial hinges used in most cases are relatively small in size, but there are some areas of equipment that are larger and require the use of industrial hinges that are larger in size and have a greater load capacity.

The so-called stainless steel industrial hinges are hinges made of stainless steel. The production process can be made of stainless steel plate cold stamping, or die-casting.

Each of the two processes has its own advantages. It depends on the situation to determine which one to use. Stainless steel hinges are generally more load-bearing and can be called stainless steel load-bearing hinges.

stainless steel industrial hinges

How do I determine which hinge to use?

Stainless steel industrial hinges are also available in different styles depending on the structure of the door. Some are flat-mounted and some are stepped.

So first of all, we need to determine whether our door has a step or is flush with the door frame. Generally speaking, the heavier doors will have steps. Because the door is thicker.

Then it is to determine how heavy the door is, this stainless steel door if it is heavy, you must consider the hinge load-bearing. Generally need to install at least Two, you can increase the number as needed.

Some hinges are rod type, the hinges are connected together by a long shaft, and the number of hinges can be increased or decreased as needed. These are also more suitable for large doors.

stainless steel industrial hinges


What should I pay attention to when installing hinges?

First, you need to determine the number of hinges to be installed. Next, mark the location of the hinges on the door and door frame and make a hole for installation. If the installation is welded, it can be welded directly. After the installation is completed, check whether the installation is Correct. Whether the door can be opened and closed normally.


What is the load-bearing capacity of hinges?

The most important concern for customers using stainless steel industrial hinges should be the weight capacity of the hinges. Each hinge has its own maximum load capacity and should not be used blindly. Customers should also ask about this key parameter when purchasing. The customer should also ask about this key parameter when purchasing.

At present, the maximum load capacity of stainless steel heavy-duty hinges produced by IHINGES is generally around 80-120 kg.

The corresponding superposition is that We generally advise customers not to exceed the maximum load capacity. There is also a design load here, the design load is larger than the working load, and this is to avoid customers using heavier doors, causing accidents.

stainless steel industrial hinges


What material is used for the stainless steel industrial hinges?

Stainless steel gate hinges are of course made of stainless steel, but there are two kinds of production processes, one stamping, and one die-casting, as we have mentioned above, and of course, there is also the use of zinc material.

These two materials heavy-duty door hinges are currently the most widely used in the market, in comparison, of course, stainless steel is better than zinc alloy material, both from its load-bearing and corrosion resistance and rust resistance is better than zinc alloy material.

However, zinc alloy is the most widely used material in terms of economy and quality, and it is more economical to use zinc alloy to ensure that the products are load-bearing. The size of zinc alloy products is closer to the design size. The size of the product is closer to the design size.


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