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Installing concealed hinges is a specialized job. It is usually done by the fitters of the equipment manufacturer. In today’s article I will explain in detail how to install concealed hinges. We focus on the installation of concealed hinges on various equipment doors in the industrial sector.

If you are purchasing concealed hinges or an industrial cabinet manufacturer, then you can learn about this. It may be helpful to you. I will cover the following 7 areas.


What is a concealed hinge

As the name suggests, a concealed hinge is a class of industrial hinges that are installed inside a door. It is somewhat similar to the concealed hinges used in the construction and furniture fields. However, this article is mainly about industrial concealed hinges.

After installation, these hinges are not visible from the outside of the equipment. This feature improves the aesthetics and safety of the equipment. There are especially some cases where the electrical cabinet is installed outdoors. The use of such hinges can provide certain functions such as anti-theft or waterproof. Their structure is often designed to be U-shaped, or the hinge blocks on the left and right sides are not the same. There is a relatively big difference from the ordinary butt hinges.

The reason for this design is to avoid the structure of the door and the door frame. This way the door will not collide when opening and facilitates the door opening to the maximum angle.


What you need to pay attention to when installing concealed hinges

There are some preparations that need to be made before installing hidden hinges. For example, you need to prepare the door and door frame, hinge products and installation tools. Prepare the accessories for the installation according to the hinge installation method. If the hinges are to be screwed on, you will need to cut holes in the door and door frame. If the hinges are to be installed by welding, you will need to prepare the welding equipment.

The key point to plan in advance is the number of hinges to be installed and their location. The number of hinges to be installed is based on the size and weight of the door. In the case of lighter electrical cabinets, two hinges are usually sufficient. This is the vast majority of installation situations. If the equipment door is some special industrial box equipment, the size of the door is relatively large. Then it is necessary to consider increasing the number of hinges installed.

There are many concealed hinge structures that are designed to be removable. We also call them detachable hinges, or a detachable industrial hinge. Because of the limited space inside the door when installing concealed hinges, it is not as convenient as other externally mounted hinges. This allows us to install the left and right sides of the hinge behind the door and door frame, respectively, and then slide the door together. This is where the hinge spindle plays a vital role.


How to adjust the hinge position during the installation of hidden hinges

The process of installing concealed hinges may require adjusting the position to achieve the best closing effect of the door. Here it is important to note which type of installation we are using. If the bolt mounting method is used, then the bolt can be loosened to readjust the position. This way is easy and convenient to operate.

However, if the installation method is welded, then it is best to determine the installation position strictly beforehand. To ensure that there is no problem after the installation. Because after welding installation, if you need to adjust the position, you need to cut the hinge. This will greatly affect the quality of installation.

Of course we can use the spot welding method when installing. After all the hinges are determined to be OK, then use continuous welding to try to weld the door and hinges intact. In either case, when adjusting the position, it is best to have two or more people, together to complete this work. This will ensure that the hinges are not subjected to other forces when they are installed. Resulting in the wrong position after the installation is completed.


How to inspect hidden hinges after they are installed

After the installation of hidden hinges is completed, it is important to inspect them. The main thing is to close and open the door to check whether the door can close and open smoothly. Whether it will not close tightly. Or whether there will be any strange noise during the rotation of the door.

A situation that often occurs is that the door does not close tightly. This is because the side where the hinges are installed, the gap between the door and the door frame is relatively small. Resulting in the door and the door frame squeeze after closing, on the other side of the door will appear to be popped open phenomenon. At this time, you just need to adjust the door and the door frame gap can be larger.

The occurrence of strange sound may be the upper and lower two hinge cores are not in the same line, resulting in other directions of the force. In this case, you need to adjust the position of the upper and lower hinge cores, so that they remain in the same vertical line. About the door hinges produce strange noise, here is an article dedicated to: How to avoid rattling when hinges rotate.


How to maintain concealed hinges

The maintenance of concealed hinges is relatively simple, if it is a concealed hinge of equipment on industrial equipment. Basically, it does not need much maintenance. Because most of the time this type of equipment is used indoors, they are used in a good environment. This situation only needs to be in the equipment maintenance at the same time, by the way, the hinge simple maintenance on the line. For example, clean up the dust and add lubricant to the hinge core.

In the case of outdoor use, other maintenance can also be done maintenance-free. Because after all, this for the hinge is installed in the box inside, even in the outdoor it is also in the box inside. There will not be any major problems.


How to replace hidden hinges

If you want to replace the hidden hinges, you need to prepare the same hinges as before. Especially, the installation size should be the same, otherwise it may not be installed. In the case of bolt installation, the screw holes cannot be installed if they do not correspond. Or you will have to reopen the holes for installation. This would seem to be very troublesome, and there may be safety hazards.

After replacement, you still have to check the hinges and check if the door and hinges are as good as they were before in the manner described above. In most cases, the life of the hinges is very long, even to exceed the life of the box itself. We can often see some outdoor electric cabinet boxes have been abandoned and not used, but can still easily open and close the door. This means that the hinges are still working properly.


How to order industrial concealed hinges

Industrial concealed hinges are a type of hinge that IHINGES focuses on developing and producing. If you need to order one of these hinges, why not contact us? Ask us your requirements and we will give you a satisfactory solution. We are a manufacturer of industrial hinges from China and we can produce hinges in different materials, with different finishes and at a very competitive price.

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