How to install thermal shock test chamber butt hinges

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When we manufacture a piece of equipment, the installation of the door is a priority. The important part that connects the door to the equipment is the butt hinge. So the proper installation of the hinge is a task that deserves proper treatment. Today I will describe the installation of the thermal shock test chamber butt hinges.

The installation of the hinge is related to the life of the door and the ease of use. If improperly installed, the door may not close tightly and may cause the hinges to rattle.


What are the thermal shock test chamber butt hinges?

First of all, it is still necessary to explain what a butt hinge is. It is a very common type of hinge because of its relatively simple structure. Compared to concealed hinges The structure of a butt hinge is much simpler than a concealed hinge or a removable hinge.

The two hinge blocks of a butt hinge are symmetrical and of the same size. When placed on a horizontal surface, the two hinge blocks remain flush. This type of hinge is The most widely used in the industrial equipment sector.

Docking hinges are available in a variety of materials, the most commonly used being iron, zinc alloy, and stainless steel. The most common materials used are iron, zinc alloy, and stainless steel, so you can choose the right hinge for each material. The most common materials used are iron, zinc alloy, and stainless steel.


What to prepare before installing thermal shock test chamber butt hinges

Now let’s move on to the official butt hinge installation steps. Before installing the butt hinge we need to do some preparation. For example, we need to prepare the door and the door frame, which here refers to the industrial equipment field.

Industrial equipment doors are generally more complex, and there may be some electrical circuits, insulation, and moisturizing materials installed on the door. So before installing the butt hinge is generally recommended to install the whole door after it is completely made. Unless there are some special circumstances that require the door to be installed first before installing these parts.

The installation of the whole door can ensure that the hinges are evenly weighted and can be installed in one go. If you install the hinges first and then install the parts on the door, you have to see if these parts are something heavy. If there is a significant change in the weight of the door before and after these parts are installed, it is possible that there will be some effect on the installed butt hinges.


What is the installation method for hinges?

Butt hinges are mainly divided into pre-cut and welded installation. Pre-opening is the most common type of installation. We need to make a hole in the We need to make a good hole on the door. As for the location and size of the opening, you can consult the hinge manufacturer. Or we can determine the size according to the actual product.

The welded installation method is generally used on heavier doors, which are relatively easy to maintain or even require little maintenance. For example, we can often see in large underground parking plants, the heavy-duty hinges installed on them are mainly welded.


What to pay attention to for different installation methods

The different installation methods require different preparations beforehand. The difference between pre-cut installation and welded installation is quite big. Welded installation Welded hinges generally do not have mounting holes, while pre-cut hinges have pre-drilled mounting holes.

Pre-slotted hinges allow the hinge to be adjusted during the installation process to achieve the best possible installation. Some docking hinges have long, round mounting holes. This is designed to make it easier for workers to make minor adjustments to the hinge during the installation process. That is why pre-drilled hinges are more widely used than welded hinges. This is why pre-cut hinges are more widely used than welded hinges.

Welded butt hinges require adequate preparation, as they cannot be adjusted after welding. Although workers can use spot welding during installation The hinge can be adjusted slightly before it is completely welded. But this is, after all, also more inconvenient, especially when the door is very large and heavy.


How to check after installing butt hinges

After installing butt hinges, there are a number of checks that should be done to ensure that the door is being used correctly. The most common problems encountered after installing butt hinges are rattling or doors that do not close tightly, all of which are caused by incorrectly installed hinges.

If you want to know more about rattling, click on this link: How to avoid rattling when hinges rotate. If the door does not close tightly, it is possible that the centerline of the upper and lower hinges are not in the same line, causing the door to deform during rotation and thus subject to forces in different directions.

In this case, you need to readjust the hinge mounting position. You can loosen the hinge mounting screws, but you don’t have to remove them completely. At this point, you turn the door again to try to check its rotation. If the problem no longer occurs, you can tighten the screws again.

But in the case of a welded installation, it can become very troublesome. Because you can only cut the hinges down to readjust the installation position.


How to maintain the butt hinge

The last point is to maintain the hinge on a regular basis. Although it is only a small accessory on the device, it is very useful. It bears the entire door weight of the door but also ensures the normal work of the door. Therefore, it is necessary to do some maintenance regularly, especially when our equipment is very expensive and special. It is necessary to do regular maintenance.

Maintenance of the hinges is very simple if we have a regular maintenance schedule. It is like we clean every day, so every time we clean It will be easy to clean every time. The same is true for the maintenance of equipment, which needs to be maintained regularly, and hinge maintenance is included in the maintenance list.

The main thing is to check the surface of the hinges for oil and dust. Then check the hinges through the revolving door to see if there is a strange noise, or whether the door is closed with more force. After these checks are completed, the hinges are ensured to work properly.

The above is my introduction to the installation of the butt hinge to pay attention to some details. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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