Flexible Multipurpose Hinges for Refrigerator Doors and More

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Our Flexible Multipurpose Hinges are designed to provide optimal functionality and versatility for various applications, including refrigerator doors and more. These hinges offer a flexible design that can be used for flush-type installations and is suitable for both left and right-handed use. Made from high-quality zinc alloy (ZDC) and finished with chrome plating (MZCr), these hinges ensure durability and a sleek appearance.



  • Flexible design suitable for flush-type installations
  • Compatible with both left and right-handed doors
  • Made from durable zinc alloy (ZDC)
  • Finished with chrome plating (MZCr) for a polished look
  • Can support a door mass of up to 20kg (when using 2 hinges vertically)


Specific use

Our Flexible Multipurpose Hinges are specifically designed for use in various applications, with a primary focus on refrigerator doors. However, they can also be used in other similar contexts where a flexible hinge solution is required.

Flexible Multipurpose Hinges For Refrigerator Doors And More


Q1: Are these hinges suitable for flush installations?
A1: Yes, these hinges are optimized for flush-type installations, ensuring a seamless and integrated look.

Q2: Can these hinges be used for both left and right-handed doors?
A2: Absolutely! These hinges are designed to be versatile and can be used for both left and right-handed doors.

Q3: What material are these hinges made of?
A3: These hinges are made of high-quality zinc alloy (ZDC), providing durability and strength.

Q4: What finish do these hinges have?
A4: These hinges feature a chrome plating (MZCr) finish, offering an attractive and corrosion-resistant surface.

Q5: What is the maximum door mass these hinges can support?
A5: These hinges are capable of supporting a door mass of up to 20kg when using two hinges vertically.

Note: It is recommended to review the specifications and installation guidelines for each specific application to ensure proper usage of the hinges.

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