Rail Door Stays

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Our rail door stays are designed to securely hold doors in position when they are opened, providing a reliable solution for various industries. With their extended aluminum alloy construction and white alumite treatment finish, these door stays are built to withstand rigorous use and maintain their functionality over time. Whether it’s on ships, vehicles, aircraft, or communication and measuring equipment, our rail door stays offer a dependable solution for keeping doors in place.



  • Positive stop position: Our rail door stays can be stopped positively at the desired position, ensuring doors remain securely open.
  • Durable construction: Made with extended aluminum alloy (A5052) for the slide and (A6063T5) for the arm, these door stays are built to withstand demanding environments.
  • White alumite treatment: The white alumite treatment finish not only enhances the appearance of the door stays but also provides added durability and resistance to corrosion.


Specific Use:

  • Ships: Our rail door stays are suitable for various types of ships, ensuring doors remain open when needed.
  • Vehicles: These door stays can be installed in vehicles to secure doors in an open position, allowing for easy access and ventilation.
  • Aircraft: The rail door stays are designed to meet the specific requirements of aircraft, providing a reliable solution for securing doors during maintenance or loading/unloading operations.
  • Communication or measuring equipment: With their versatile design, these door stays can be used in communication or measuring equipment to keep doors open for accessibility and equipment maintenance.

Rail Door Stays


1. Can I use these rail door stays for interior doors in buildings?
Our rail door stays are primarily designed for industrial applications such as ships, vehicles, aircraft, and communication or measuring equipment. They may not be suitable for typical interior doors in buildings.

2. Are the rail door stays adjustable to different door sizes?
Yes, our rail door stays can be adjusted to accommodate different door sizes. However, please refer to the product specifications and installation instructions for specific guidelines on adjustment ranges and door compatibility.

3. Can the door stays be painted to match the door color?
While the door stays come with a white alumite treatment finish, they can be painted if desired. Ensure proper surface preparation and use a compatible paint suitable for aluminum surfaces.

4. How do I close the door when using these rail door stays?
To close the door, simply pull the stopper to release the door from the rail door stays, allowing it to swing freely again. Ensure to follow proper closing procedures and safety guidelines.

5. Is the B-476-2 model still available?
No, the B-476-2 model is no longer manufactured. Our current range of rail door stays offers improved features and functionality for your industrial needs.


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