Stainless steel corner hinges

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Our Stainless Steel Corner Hinges are designed to provide durability and smooth operation for middle-sized doors, such as those found in refrigerators and inspection machines. These hinges are built to withstand heavy-duty use and offer a sleek aesthetic. We also produce Corner hinges for freezers and coolers.



  • Smooth turning: The hinges incorporate bearings, ensuring smooth and effortless turning.
  • Heavy-duty use: Suitable for the demanding requirements of frequent door opening and closing.
  • Universal compatibility: Designed for both left and right types of doors.



  • Material: Cast stainless steel (SUS304)
  • Finish: Mirror surface buffing
  • Maximum door mass (using 2 hinges vertically, reference): 40kg


Specific Use

Ideal for middle-sized doors in refrigerators, inspection machines, and similar applications.

Stainless Steel Corner Hinges


Q1: What is the advantage of stainless steel corner hinges compared to other materials?
A1: Stainless steel corner hinges offer durability and a sleek appearance, making them ideal for various applications.

Q2: How smooth is the turning motion of stainless steel corner hinges?
A2: The turning motion of these hinges is smooth due to the incorporation of bearings.

Q3: Are stainless steel corner hinges suitable for heavy-duty door opening and closing?
A3: Yes, these hinges are designed to withstand the heavy-duty use of door opening and closing.

Q4: Can stainless steel corner hinges be used for both left and right doors?
A4: Yes, these hinges are compatible with both left and right types of doors.

Q5: What is the specific use of stainless steel corner hinges?
A5: These hinges are specifically designed for middle-sized doors, such as those found in refrigerators and inspection machines.

Note: The questions and answers provided are based on the given information about stainless steel corner hinges. These questions address the specific features, advantages, and applications of the hinges. For more detailed or specific inquiries, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer or refer to the provided specifications.

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