Versatile Brass 2-Axis Hinges for Cabinets

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Enhance the functionality and style of your cabinets with our Versatile Brass 2-Axis Hinges. Crafted from high-quality free-cutting brass (C3604), these hinges offer durability and reliability. You have the option to choose between chrome or white bronze plating finishes, allowing you to match your cabinet’s aesthetic seamlessly. With the two-shaft mechanism, these hinges provide a wide 180° opening, ensuring easy access and convenience for various cabinet applications.



  • High-quality free-cutting brass (C3604) construction
  • Chrome or white bronze plating finish options
  • The two-shaft mechanism for a wide 180° opening
  • Durable and reliable performance
  • Versatile design suitable for various cabinets


Specific use

Our Versatile Brass 2-Axis Hinges are perfect for a wide range of cabinet applications. Whether it’s kitchen cabinets, storage cabinets, or furniture cabinets, these hinges provide excellent functionality and style.

Versatile Brass 2 Axis Hinges For Cabinets


Q1: What materials are these hinges made of?
A1: These hinges are crafted from high-quality free cutting brass (C3604) for durability and performance.

Q2: Can I choose between different finishes for these hinges?
A2: Absolutely! You can select either chrome plating or white bronze plating finish, depending on your cabinet’s style.

Q3: How wide can these hinges open?
A3: The two-shaft mechanism allows these hinges to open up to 180°, providing a wide range of access for your cabinets.

Q4: Are these hinges suitable for kitchen cabinets?
A4: Yes, these Versatile Brass 2-Axis Hinges are ideal for kitchen cabinets, as well as other types of cabinets like storage cabinets and furniture cabinets.

Q5: Are these hinges reliable and durable?
A5: Absolutely! Crafted from high-quality brass and designed for lasting performance, these hinges offer reliability and durability for your cabinets.

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