Versatile Multi Hinges for Refrigerators, Communication, and Office Equipment

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Our Versatile Multi Hinges are designed to cater to a wide range of applications, including refrigerators, communication equipment, and office equipment. These hinges offer exceptional versatility, allowing for various installation configurations such as flush, corner, and rear hinges. Made from high-quality zinc alloy (ZDC) and finished with satellite chrome plating (MZCr), these hinges provide durability and a sleek appearance.



  • Versatile design suitable for flush, corner, and rear hinge applications
  • Made from durable zinc alloy (ZDC)
  • Finished with satellite chrome plating (MZCr) for an attractive appearance
  • Provides reliable and smooth hinge operation
  • Easy installation and compatibility with different equipment


Specific use

Our Versatile Multi Hinges are specifically designed for use in a variety of cases, including refrigerators, communication equipment, and office equipment. Whether it’s for doors, panels, or compartments, these hinges offer flexibility and reliable performance in different applications.

Versatile Multi Hinges For Refrigerators, Communication, And Office Equipment


Q1: Can these hinges be used for flush installations?
A1: Yes, these hinges are designed to be used for flush installations, providing a seamless and integrated look.

Q2: Are these hinges suitable for corner hinge applications?
A2: Absolutely! These hinges can be used for corner hinge applications, offering versatility in installation configurations.

Q3: Can these hinges be used as rear hinges?
A3: Yes, these hinges are designed to be used as rear hinges, providing options for different installation orientations.

Q4: What material are these hinges made of?
A4: These hinges are made of durable zinc alloy (ZDC), ensuring long-lasting performance.

Q5: What finish do these hinges have?
A5: These hinges have a satellite chrome plating (MZCr) finish, giving them an attractive and corrosion-resistant surface.

Note: It is recommended to review the specifications and installation guidelines for each specific application to ensure proper usage of the hinges.

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