Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Convex Door Hinges

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Introducing the Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Convex Door Hinges – a pivotal component for your construction and industrial equipment requirements. This product, labeled as model ML2-006, is a blend of robustness and functionality. Let’s delve into its features and specifications for a clearer understanding.

Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Convex Door Hinges


Material and Build Quality

Crafted with precision, the hinge is made of premium SUS304 stainless steel. Stainless steel is renowned for its resilience against rust and corrosion, making it ideal for applications where durability is paramount. The material ensures that the hinge maintains its aesthetics and functionality over time, even under rigorous use.

Furthermore, the surface treatment of this hinge is ‘brushed,’ giving it a refined, matte finish. This not only enhances its appearance but also provides a smoother tactile experience during operation.


Weight and Dimensions

Weighing in at 2185 grams, this hinge has a substantial heft to it, indicative of its heavy-duty nature. The detailed blueprint provides specific dimensions, with the hinge spanning a width of 180mm. Other key measurements include:

  • A height of 94mm
  • A width of 73.5mm for its central rectangular portion
  • Distinct holes with diameters of 13mm and 11mm respectively

Each dimension is meticulously designed, ensuring seamless compatibility with various door types and installations.


Functional Design

The ML2-006 model comes with a unique convex design. This design facilitates a wider range of motion for the door, accommodating different installation needs. The central pivot point, marked with an 11mm hole, is strategically positioned to balance the door’s weight effectively. This ensures smoother movement, reduced wear and tear, and an extended product lifespan.

The dual 73.5mm extensions on either side of the pivot provide added stability. They are further fortified with 13mm holes, enabling secure fastening to the door and the frame. The 3-16*11 dimensional specification adds another layer of flexibility, making this hinge versatile for various applications.


Applications and Usage

The Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Convex Door Hinge is not just limited to doors. Given its robust design and versatile dimensions, it’s suitable for refrigeration units, cold storage facilities, and industrial equipment. Whether you’re constructing a new cold storage unit or refurbishing an industrial piece of equipment, this hinge will meet, if not exceed, your expectations.


Noteworthy Features

  • Sturdy Construction: Made of stainless steel casting, this hinge is strong-bearing, ensuring that it can handle the weight of heavy doors without any signs of strain.
  • Adjustable Installation: It boasts a long-round hole design. This unique feature makes it easy to adjust the hinge’s position during installation, allowing for minute corrections and perfect alignment.
  • Durability: The product is designed for long-term usage. The combination of premium materials, meticulous design, and fine surface treatment ensures the hinge remains operational for years without compromising on performance.



In summary, the Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Convex Door Hinges (ML2-006) are the epitome of strength, precision, and functionality. Whether you’re a construction professional or an industrial equipment manufacturer, this product promises reliability and longevity. Its impeccable design, combined with top-notch materials, ensures that your doors not only function smoothly but also stand the test of time. Invest in quality; invest in the ML2-006 hinge.


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