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The types of industrial cabinet hinges are classified in different ways depending on their function, structure, and material. But this classification or naming method generally follows one principle. That is to classify or name the product by its most prominent feature.

For example, the most important feature of a concealed hinge is its concealment, that is, it is completely invisible after installation, and it is hidden inside the equipment door. So it is called the concealed hinge.

Another example is the heavy-duty hinge, whose biggest feature is its very strong load-bearing performance. So it is named after its most prominent feature. So, no matter from the function, structure, or material to industrial hinge naming, all follow such a principle.

Below I have summarized the 5 major types of industrial hinges, mainly the 5 types of hinges that IHINGES produces professionally.


Butt hinges

The butt hinge is the most commonly used type of industrial cabinet hinges and is widely used in both industries and in the construction and furniture sectors. The structure of a butt hinge is generally simple, consisting mainly of two symmetrical hinge blocks and a shaft.

The hinge blocks are often of the same size and have a symmetrical structure. Most of the production processes of butt hinges are made by stamping with a mold. Thicker hinges are also produced by die-casting.

IHINGES produces custom-made butt hinges from our numerous molds, which can be combined to meet the customer’s requirements. Different molds are produced in different sizes, and the same part of the mold can be produced two times, only different parts of the mold need to be ordered. In this way, it can help customers save on the cost of molds and also enrich the number of molds we have.

In general, butt hinges have a simple structure with symmetrical hinges on both sides, and they are very widely used in industry as well as in construction and furniture hinges.

industrial cabinet hinges

Concealed hinges

Concealed hinges are described in detail on our special page, and these hinges are named according to their characteristics. Usually, these hinges are used in equipment such as chassis and cabinets. They are installed on the inside of the door so that the hinge is not visible from the outside of the equipment after the door is closed, making the entire equipment look more simple and more beautiful.

The production of hidden hinges also mainly uses the stamping process. This is because the structure of this process is relatively simple. The structure of the hidden hinge does not need to be too complicated, because it is installed inside the door. The too complicated a structure will affect the realization of the function of the period.

For example, if more new functions or structures are added to the hidden hinge, it will be very troublesome when the hinge needs to be adjusted. Because it is installed inside the door, the space for operation is very limited, and each operation may affect other structures inside the box. So the hidden hinge does not need too complicated a structure.

This is the type of hinge that IHINGES focuses on producing, and we can develop, design, and produce it for our customers. We have our own press shop and can produce concealed hinges in small structures and large structures, which can be produced in different materials.

industrial cabinet hinges

Heavy-duty hinges

Heavy-duty hinges are also a type of industrial cabinet hinges that we focus on, and their name is mainly determined by their characteristics. These hinges can support doors of at least 50 kg or more. Generally, at least 2 hinges are installed on the doors of industrial enclosures, which means that they can withstand doors weighing at least 100 kg.

Heavy-duty hinges are generally produced in zinc alloy or stainless steel. The production process of this material is by die-casting. The produced hinge block is thicker and stronger. In particular, heavy-duty hinges made of stainless steel can withstand greater weight than those made of zinc alloy.

Heavy-duty hinges are mainly used for large industrial equipment doors, which play the role of connection and weight-bearing. For example, industrial ovens, industrial test chambers, medical equipment, etc. We develop targeted, heavy-duty hinges specifically for use on different equipment. We mass produce industrial oven hinges for the industrial oven equipment sector.

Detachable hinges

Detachable hinges are a special type of industrial cabinet hinges. The two hinge blocks are removable from each other, and even between the hinge block and the shaft. This detachability is its most important feature. That is why we name this type of hinge a detachable hinge.

Removable hinges are related to concealed hinges. Often concealed hinges are designed to be removable, mainly because the space for installation of concealed hinges is relatively small and it is not convenient to install them. The removable structure allows the hinge block to be installed on the door and door frame respectively, and then the hinge shaft is used to connect the door to the door frame.

However, removable hinges are not always concealed. We have produced heavy-duty removable hinges for our customers, which are mounted on the outside of the door. They are available in both flat and stepped configurations. The design is mainly tailored to the product.

Cold storage room hinges

Cold storage room hinges are mainly a type of hinge used on cold storage doors. And are named according to their use. These hinges are characterized by their good load-bearing properties and larger dimensions than ordinary hinges. The structure is also relatively simple and is mounted on the outside of the door.

Cold storage hinge structure also has a flat structure and step structure, that is, from experience. The use of step structure is more because most cold storage doors are protruding from the door frame. Which is due to the door being heavier, and the opening angle is greater.

The above is my summary of the 5 major types of hinges. And also the 5 types of hinges that IHINGES mainly produces. IHINGES is a professional manufacturer of industrial hinges. We are good at customizing a variety of different functions and structures of industrial hinges for customers. And each time we customize products for customers, it is a new beginning for IHINGES engineers.

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