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IHINGES is a professional manufacturer of these hinges, which is a very niche product in the field of industrial production. And we can customize the integrated test chamber hinges with different structures and functions according to the integrated test chamber products of our customers.

Here I will introduce the knowledge about integrated test chamber hinges from the following 7 aspects, I hope it will be helpful for customers who make integrated test chambers or other industrial equipment.


What is an integrated test chamber?

First of all, we’d better start by introducing what an integrated text chamber is. This question is actually best understood by our customers, as they are the ones who produce these devices. Of course, As a supplier, we also need to understand our customers’ products.

An integrated text chamber is a special function box equipment. Its frame is made of angles and thin steel plates, and the frame is reinforced. The outer surface is painted, and the shell is filled with aluminum silicate fiber. It is filled with aluminum silicate fiber to form a feasible thermal insulation layer. The integrated test chamber is equipped with a hot air circulation system and temperature measurement and control system. The application range of the integrated test chambers. It can be used to dry a wide range of industrial materials.

When the integrated test chamber is in operation, the operator obtains the temperature value inside the integrated test chamber through instruments and temperature sensors, which are operated through the control system. integrated test chambers are heated by hot Compared with the common heat dissipation heating method, Integrated test chambers have better gas flow, which can accelerate the drying speed of materials in integrated test chambers.


What is an integrated test chamber hinges?

We have learned what an integrated test chamber is, so let’s go over what an integrated test chamber hinge is. It is actually just a very small accessory installed on the integrated test chamber door. Its role is mainly to connect the integrated test chamber door to the door frame and to play a weight-bearing role. It mainly follows the weight of the integrated test chamber door.

Integrated test chamber manufacturers need to purchase these hinges as a backup in their production process. The hinges are picked up from the warehouse and installed on the door when they are needed. It is like a spare for the warehouse It is like a spare screw in the warehouse that workers pick up from the warehouse when needed.

Different integrated test chambers will use different integrated test chamber hinges. Some require large ones to be installed and some require small ones to be installed. Some need to be very load-bearing, and some may be made of zinc alloy. In short, there are many different types of integrated test chamber hinges, and we can also make custom hinges for integrated test chamber manufacturers.


What are the characteristics of the test chamber hinges

integrated test chamber hinges are a relatively special class of industrial hinges. It is different from our common industrial butt hinges or furniture hinges. It mainly has the following characteristics.

1. Specialized in integrated test chamber equipment. Almost every hinge is made to order and then applied to similar oven equipment. So its use range is relatively Smaller and more professional.

2. Load-bearing is generally larger. We know that integrated test chambers are relatively large equipment. The weight of the oven door can be up to hundreds of kilograms of weight. This requires the weight-bearing of the hinge It is very high. Therefore, the weight-bearing performance is one of the characteristics of integrated test chamber hinges.

3. Mainly made of zinc alloy and stainless steel. Because of the high requirements for load-bearing properties, integrated test chamber hinges are generally made of zinc alloy or stainless steel. Especially for very heavy doors, IHINGES recommends using stainless steel.

4. The installation method generally uses pre-cut holes. Although most other hinges are pre-holed, I would like to emphasize that integrated test chamber hinges are generally not welded or disassembled. Will not use welding installation or disassembly installation. Because these mounting methods are not suitable for integrated test chamber doors. Pre-slotted mounting allows for heavy doors to be adjusted to quickly adjust the hinges to the correct position if the installation is not in place.


What materials are used to produce integrated test chamber hinges

When I introduced the features of integrated test chamber hinges above, I mentioned that these hinges are generally made of zinc alloy or stainless steel. This is because integrated test chamber doors require high load-bearing hinges.

When hinges are made of zinc alloy, they are less load-bearing than stainless steel. It can be used for lighter door installations. From a combination of product performance and economic cost considerations, integrated test chamber hinges made of zinc alloy tend to be more popular with customers. This is because the economic costs can be significantly reduced while still meeting the requirements.

Of course, many customers are also willing to use stainless steel, which is a better quality material, for the sake of safety and security. It has many advantages that zinc alloy does not have. Stainless steel has greater load-bearing Stronger performance, and corrosion resistance, in most environments and can be used for a long time. The surface has a strong metallic texture.


How to install integrated test chamber hinges

Installing test chamber hinges requires professional workers. When I visited a customer today, I noticed that the workers were installing the equipment door. I took this opportunity to observe I took the opportunity to observe how they installed it.

When I got closer, they were already halfway through the installation. I could see that two of the hinges we supply had been installed on the equipment. But the door was not yet installed. I think they installed one side first, and the screws were not tightened yet. When all the other work is done, the door will be installed last. It was the process of adjusting the screws to make sure the door was in place. The door was adjusted to make sure the door was in place.

When they finally lifted the door up to install it, I saw a job where a level was placed on top of the door. This was used to make sure the door was installed in a horizontal position. The other two workers held the door from below to maintain this level. The last worker tightened the screws one by one.

This is what I witnessed on a job installing integrated test chamber hinges. Normally we just know that customers need to use these hinges, but we have never actually seen How they are installed. This is a learning opportunity for us industrial hinge manufacturers.


How to maintain test chamber hinges

Maintenance of integrated test chamber hinges is relatively simple, and the actual maintenance is not done on the hinges alone. Rather, it is the maintenance of the integrated test chamber as a whole. Hinge maintenance is only one of maintenance of the hinges is only one of the tasks.

Generally, the worker will open and close the door to check if it is closing and opening properly. Then the hinge surface is cleaned briefly. Finally, a lubricant is added to the hinge rotation The hinges will be lubricated to ensure that they are not worn or rattled(How to avoid rattling when hinges rotate). In addition, the screws are checked for looseness.


How to order a test chamber hinge

Finally, if you are looking for an integrated test chamber hinge, by the time you read this article, you will have found the right manufacturer. We are a China-based manufacturer specializing in the development and production of industrial hinges. The development of integrated test chamber hinges is one of our most important We not only know our own products but also know our own products.

We know not only our own products but also our customers’ products. So if you need a custom-made integrated test chamber hinge, then I am sure our engineers will communicate with you without any obstacles. Because we have been working in this field for many years, we are confident that we can provide you with a satisfactory solution.

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