Why is it called a piano hinge?

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Have you ever wondered why a continuous hinge, used in a wide variety of applications, particularly industrial equipment, is commonly referred to as a piano hinge? Does it have anything to do with the musical instrument? Or is it just a fancy name that got stuck? As professionals in the field of industrial hinges, we often come across such intriguing questions.

The term ‘piano hinge’ comes from its traditional use in attaching the lid of a piano to its body. This type of hinge runs the full length of the piano lid, providing even distribution of the load, and hence, it got its name from this iconic application.

Curious to know more? Great! Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the origin and characteristics of piano hinges that make them the preferred choice in various industries.



What is a piano hinge?

A piano hinge, also known as a continuous hinge, is a long hinge that runs the entire length of two surfaces, ensuring a uniform distribution of weight and load. This distinctive trait is what made it perfect for piano lids, and eventually earned it its name.

At IHINGES, we manufacture industrial piano hinges for diverse applications including industrial ovens, large sheet metal boxes, environmental test chambers, climate test chambers, network cabinets, electrical boxes, railroad equipment, medical equipment, and military equipment.

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Why are they used in pianos?

Given the considerable weight and size of a piano lid, a standard hinge couldn’t provide sufficient support and even load distribution. So, piano makers began to use a long, continuous hinge, known now as the piano hinge.

Its design provides strength and stability, thereby preventing the lid from sagging or causing strain on a specific part of the piano. It’s fascinating how such a practical requirement led to the birth of the term ‘piano hinge’, isn’t it?


How did the term ‘piano hinge’ extend to other industries?

After being used in pianos, the strengths of the hinge – its ability to distribute weight evenly and provide enhanced stability – did not go unnoticed by other industries. Over time, its application extended far beyond the realm of music to become a common component in various industrial equipment.

We, at IHINGES, continue to leverage the distinctive features of the hinge to provide durable and robust hinge solutions for all our industrial customers.

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What makes piano hinges suitable for industrial applications?

The piano hinge’s ability to distribute the load evenly across the entire length makes it an ideal choice for heavy-duty applications in the industrial sector.

Their robust and reliable nature, combined with the ability to sustain heavy loads, makes them an essential component in a variety of industrial box equipment. In fact, it is these features that define our line of industrial hinges at IHINGES.



In conclusion, the term ‘piano hinge’ has its roots in the world of music, specifically pianos, where it was first utilized. Its practical design and versatility have since allowed it to transcend its original use. Making it a go-to solution in various industries. Including the industrial sector, we serve at IHINGES.

It’s fascinating how the journey of a simple hinge from a musical instrument to industrial equipment can spark such curiosity. So, the next time you see a piano hinge, remember you’re looking at a piece of history that plays a vital role in our industrial world today.

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