What are concealed heavy-duty hinges

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In industry, cabinets that use concealed heavy-duty hinges are usually heavy-duty. Perhaps the hinges are installed inside the cabinet to save space. Or maybe it is for the overall aesthetics of the equipment. Anyway, the biggest difference between these hinges and other industrial hinges is that they are only installed inside the cabinet. The hinges are not visible from the outside.



What are concealed heavy-duty hinges?

We know that in the field of construction and furniture, you can see many hidden furniture hinges. These hinges are usually not very load-bearing because our cabinet doors and closet doors are not very heavy. Compared with various special equipment in the industrial field, it is simply not on the same level.

Concealed heavy-duty hinges are a type of heavy-duty hinges that is installed inside the doors of industrial equipment. They are generally produced in stainless steel and can be disassembled and installed.


Advantages of Concealed Heavy-Duty Hinges

These hinges are very tight and durable. They also allow the door to open up to 180 degrees, allowing for easy removal of objects from the interior of the box. It is even possible to design concealed heavy-duty hinges to be removable. Remove the entire door when necessary. When the job is done, the door is easily installed again. There is no need to tediously remove bolts.

Concealed heavy-duty hinges allow for a more aesthetically pleasing unit overall. The hinges are completely invisible from the outside. And it can also provide some anti-theft effects. We can also call them detachable hinges. Since it is installed inside, it is not possible to remove the door from the outside by removing the bolts like other heavy-duty hinges.


What are the uses of hidden heavy-duty hinges?

They are mainly used among heavy-duty electrical cabinets, cabinets, servers racks, and other equipment. This is the right choice when all the cabinets in a server room use these hinges. Not only do they save space in a crowded room, but they also allow the doors to be removed when necessary. It is a more efficient option for the employees working in the server room.


How to order a concealed heavy-duty hinge?

IHINGES is a certain professional manufacturer of industrial hinges. We mainly develop and produce hinges for various equipment in the industrial field. Custom-made industrial hinges are our strength and our experienced R&D engineers. They are always on the front line to solve practical problems for our customers and summarize these problems into IHINGES’ valuable experience to guide the next product development.

So, if you want to order concealed heavy-duty hinges, then you can absolutely contact us now. Put your requirements forward and we will give a satisfactory solution.

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