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Among the many types of industrial hinges, there is one type of hinge with a long hinge block, which we call heavy-duty strap hinges, and which is usually named by the hinge manufacturer in the industrial production area by reference to the hinge structure, performance, characteristics, and material. This makes it possible to know more intuitively and accurately the functions and features of the hinges. It also makes it easier for customers to quickly select the right hinge product for them.

In this article, I will focus on providing you with knowledge about heavy-duty strap hinges. This type of knowledge is very niche and rarely noticed by the general public. But if you are an industrial equipment manufacturer, or if you are a hinge buyer, then it is still important to know. Because these products are often needed in the production process.

What are the heavy-duty strap hinges?

As I mentioned above, a heavy-duty strap hinge is the type of industrial butt hinges that has a long hinge block. It usually has two hinge blocks that are longer. There are also hinges where one hinge block is short and the other hinge block is long. These T-shaped hinges are used more often in the field of industrial housing equipment. For example, Integrated test chambers, Environmental chambers, and Aging test chambers.

In the construction field, the hinge blocks are longer on both sides. This article focuses on heavy-duty strap hinges that are used in industrial production. These hinges can be installed on the door to provide a more reasonable load-bearing and aesthetic effect. The width of the door is wider than the width of the door frame. So the hinge block installed on this side of the door will be longer and the hinge installed on the door frame will be narrower.

What are the characteristics of heavy-duty strap hinges?

The heavy-duty feature of this type of hinge is its appearance structure. One side of the hinge block is long and one side is short, or both sides are longer. This is why they are called ribbon hinges. Since doors in the industrial equipment sector are generally heavy-duty. That’s why band hinges are basically heavy-duty as well. This means that these hinges are more load-bearing than the usual industrial cabinet hinges.

Another feature is that these hinges are mainly used on heavy equipment doors. Because of the need to withstand the strong gravity of the door, the mounting area of the hinge to the door and door frame needs to be increased. One or both sides of the hinge are lengthened to increase the location of the mounting screws. This allows for a more secure installation on the door, providing a more secure connection and weight bearing.

Applications of heavy-duty strap hinges

They are mainly used in two major areas, commercial and industrial. In the commercial sector, they are more often found on wooden doors in buildings, patios, furniture, etc. These band hinges are less load-bearing and are generally produced from cold-rolled sheets. The requirements for load-bearing capacity are also relatively low.

In the industrial sector, strip hinges require better materials. For example, they are used in high & low-temperature test chambers, constant-temperature humidity test chambers, and other equipment. The doors of these devices are generally heavier and have higher requirements for individual components.

In addition, they are also used in heavy trucks, metal guardrails, military equipment doors, and other fields. Also, these hinges may be used in much unknown equipment. Because they are functional accessories. Where they are needed, they are used.

heavy-duty strap hinges

Types of heavy-duty strap hinges

There are types of heavy-duty brace hinges for heavy equipment doors, for use on metal frame doors, and for military equipment. There are many ways to classify them, and the variety is correspondingly large. THINGS can customize heavy-duty hinges with different functions and configurations for you, from common, economical hinges to heavy-duty special equipment hinges.


How to customize heavy-duty gate strap hinges

About ordering heavy-duty strap hinges, it is the same process and way we order other types of industrial hinges. IHINGES is a professional manufacturer of industrial hinges. We have professional production facilities and talents. IHINGES has been rooted in the field of industrial hinge production for many years and is deeply involved in customers’ usage scenarios in various fields. We provide the most suitable hinge solutions for our customers.

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