What Kind of Hinges Do I Need for an Internal Door?

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We interact with countless doors daily, often without much thought. Behind the smooth swing or firm shut of these doors, there’s a small yet vital component at play – the hinge. It’s surprising to discover that something as commonplace as a hinge requires careful selection and understanding. There are numerous variations tailored for different purposes.

When considering the type of hinge for your internal door, it’s not merely about aesthetics. The hinge you choose is determined by the door’s weight, size, its frequency of use, and the look you aim to achieve. Each hinge variety offers unique benefits that ensure optimal door functionality and durability.

Concealed Hinges For Distribution Boards
Concealed Hinges For Distribution Boards

What are the Basic Types of Hinges Available for Internal Doors?

Hinges come in all shapes and sizes, and while some are designed for specialty applications, others are perfect for everyday usage, especially for internal doors. From the sturdy butt hinge to the low-profile flush hinge, your options are vast. Then there are continuous or piano hinges, which span the entire length of the door, and pivot hinges which provide a seamless pivot point for doors.

When exploring the world of hinges, understanding the basic types is crucial. For most internal doors, butt hinges, flush hinges, continuous hinges, and pivot hinges are typically recommended. Each has its unique characteristics, offering both functional advantages and different aesthetic touches.

How Does the Weight and Size of the Door Affect My Choice?

The physical attributes of your door—its weight and size—play a significant role in hinge selection. While it might seem trivial, ensuring you pick the correct hinge for your door’s dimensions is essential. For heavier or taller doors, the demand on the hinge is naturally greater, requiring more robust or multiple hinges.

Conversely, smaller or lighter doors won’t place as much strain on their hinges. As a rule of thumb, a standard-sized door will generally require two hinges. However, a larger door might demand three or even more, not necessarily for weight distribution but for added stability and support.

Concealed Hinges With Spring
Concealed Hinges With Spring

Are There Hinges Designed for Frequent Usage?

Doors in high-traffic areas, like the main hallway or common rooms, are subjected to constant opening and closing. Such doors require hinges that can withstand the brunt of this frequent use. The wear and tear on hinges in these situations can be considerable, leading to squeaks, resistance, and eventual failure.

Enter ball-bearing hinges. These are specially designed for doors that experience heavy use. They incorporate bearings that minimize friction, ensuring the door swings smoothly every time. With reduced wear and tear, these hinges have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance.

How Can I Maintain a Sleek Appearance with the Right Hinge?

Beyond functionality, there’s the aspect of visual appeal. For those particular about clean lines and uninterrupted design, the sight of a hinge might be a tad unsightly. But don’t fret; there are hinge designs that prioritize aesthetics without compromising on function.

Concealed or European hinges are the go-to options for a minimalist look. Invisible when the door is closed, these hinges provide a sleek appearance. They’re slightly more intricate in their installation, and while they can be a DIY project, some might prefer a professional touch for perfection.

Removable U-shaped concealed hinges

What Role Does Material Play in Hinge Selection?

The hinge’s material isn’t just about its appearance—it also plays a role in its durability, especially in varying environments. Some materials are more suited for humid atmospheres, while others lend a classic or modern touch to the door.

Stainless steel hinges, for instance, stand out in terms of corrosion resistance, making them ideal for areas with higher humidity. On the other hand, brass hinges exude an elegant, timeless appeal. However, they might need occasional care and polishing to maintain their shine.

Are There Hinges Suitable for Non-Traditional Door Shapes?

Not all doors come in standard shapes. If you have a uniquely shaped door, like a rounded or arched one, standard hinges might not suffice. Such doors present a challenge but also an opportunity to explore specialized hinge types.

Pivot or olive knuckle hinges are examples of those designed to cater to non-traditional door shapes. Their design allows them to accommodate the unique requirements of such doors while ensuring they function smoothly and efficiently.

Welded mounted load-bearing concealed hinges

Can I Opt for Hinges with Added Features?

The world of hinges isn’t just about swiveling doors open or closed. Modern hinge designs come packed with features that add convenience, safety, and a touch of luxury. So, if you’re looking for a bit more than the usual, there are plenty of options.

Some hinges have a self-closing mechanism—a godsend for those who despise doors left ajar. Then there are soft-close hinges, perfect for settings where silence is golden, ensuring doors close quietly and gently every time.


The choice of a hinge is more than just a functional decision; it’s an intersection of practicality and design. Understanding the nuances of different hinge types allows for an informed decision that marries both these elements seamlessly.

For those in the industrial realm seeking hinges, we’re here to assist. As an established industrial hinge manufacturer, we prioritize quality while offering competitive prices. Our expertise lies in crafting customized industrial hinges tailored to fit specific equipment installations. Reach out for a quote and experience our professional touch.


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