How Does an Offset Door Hinge Work?

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One type of hinge that has sparked a lot of interest in recent times is the offset door hinge. But what is it, and how does it work? Let’s find out!

An offset door hinge is a type of hinge designed to allow a door to swing clear of the opening, or even to cover part of the opening when closed. This hinge features two plates that are attached to the door and the door frame respectively, with a pivot point that is offset from the door’s edge. The offset design of this hinge allows for increased clearance, making it a great option for accessibility in tight spaces or for doors with protruding handles.

Ready to delve deeper into the world of offset door hinges? Let’s do it!

Offset Door Hinge
Offset Door Hinge

What’s an Offset Door Hinge?

An offset door hinge is a special type of hinge designed to allow a door to swing clear of the opening, which can be especially useful for doors in tight spaces or doors with protruding handles.

The term “offset” refers to the pivot point of the hinge being placed not at the edge of the door, as is typical with many hinge designs, but instead, a set distance away from the door edge. This design causes the door to swing out and away from the door frame, rather than just swinging parallel to it.

One common application of offset hinges is in accessibility designs, where they can allow doors to swing completely clear of the doorway, providing easier access for wheelchairs or other mobility aids.


What’s the Significance of Offset Door Hinges in Industrial Applications?

Offset door hinges have gained significant popularity in various industrial applications. The reason? Their unique design allows doors to swing completely clear of the opening, making them ideal for use in tight spaces or for doors with protruding handles. This feature also enhances accessibility for equipment and machinery, a key consideration in many industrial settings.

Advanced Stainless Steel Lift Off Hinges For Powerdistribution Boards
Advanced Stainless Steel Lift Off Hinges For Power Distribution Boards


Are All Offset Door Hinges Created Equal?

Absolutely not! At IHINGES, we understand that different applications call for different types of hinges. That’s why we offer customized industrial hinges, including offset door hinges, with a variety of special features to suit specific needs. These can include various materials, sizes, and finishes, as well as special features like corrosion resistance or load-bearing capacity.


How Are Offset Door Hinges Installed?

The installation process for offset door hinges may vary depending on the specific design of the hinge and the door. However, in general, one plate of the hinge is attached to the door, while the other plate is attached to the door frame. The door can then swing around the offset pivot point, providing the increased clearance that these hinges are known for.



In conclusion, offset door hinges, with their unique design and functionality, have found a significant place in various industrial applications. Whether you’re a hardware product distributor, an equipment manufacturer, or a large purchaser, understanding the working of these hinges can assist in making informed decisions for your specific needs. As always, we at IHINGES are here to provide you with high-quality, customized industrial hinges, ensuring your hardware needs are fully catered to.


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