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Industrial heavy-duty hinges are a type of industrial hinges that are widely used in industrial production. It is mainly used on doors of industrial equipment to connect the door to the door frame and to support the weight of the door.

In this article, I will introduce what industrial heavy-duty hinges are and other aspects of them. It may be helpful to you.


What are industrial heavy-duty hinges?

When we have a heavy equipment door, we need a heavy-duty hinge to support it. These hinges I collectively call industrial heavy-duty hinges. Note that this refers specifically to hinges used in the industrial sector. It has the characteristics of high load-bearing capacity and various structures. Depending on the door structure, hinges are available in different structural forms. The two most common types of door structures are flat doors and convex doors, and IHINGES has made many designs for both types of hinges. Both our regular products and custom-made texts for customers basically belong to these two structures.

Most of the industrial heavy-duty hinges we produce are used in the industrial equipment field. For example, Climatic test chambers, Thermal Shock Test chambers, and Aging test chambers. These equipment manufacturers are our potential customers. A significant portion of our hinge products is designed and manufactured for this equipment. Even name the hinge directly after the equipment name, for example, climatic test chambers hinges.

Of course, this also includes equipment for other fields. At present, there is a lot of new equipment in the field of new energy. These devices also use industrial heavy-duty hinges to a greater or lesser extent. Our products are already used in these fields.

industrial heavy duty hinges


The difference between industrial heavy-duty hinges and commercial hinges

Industrial heavy-duty hinges have a simpler and more rugged structure and are often installed on the surface of the equipment. They are mainly produced using zinc alloy material and stainless steel material. These two types of materials can improve the hinge’s load-bearing and anti-corrosion properties. The surface of zinc alloy material will be made with a layer of protection to enhance its corrosion resistance. The pins of these hinges are made of stainless steel, and the size is larger. This is to ensure its load-bearing properties. They are used in complex environments, some indoors and some outdoors in harsh environments.

Commercial hinges are generally used in indoor environments and can be produced with more economical materials. For example, they are made of iron, zinc alloy, or even plastic. These types of hinges are more focused on aesthetics and how well they match the equipment or furniture. For demanding customers, they are also often produced in stainless steel.

industrial heavy duty hinges


How to order a heavy-duty industrial hinge

When you order a heavy-duty industrial hinge, you need to know some parameters or the effect you want to achieve. For example, how heavy is your equipment door, what is its size, and what is the structure? This will make it easier to propose requirements for the hinge based on this country.

If the door is of general weight, we can use zinc alloy. You can even find off-the-shelf products directly in the IHINGES general product library that can be used. In the case of heavier doors, we do recommend producing them in stainless steel for safety reasons.

Once you have determined these parameters, you can consult the hinge manufacturer and ask them to give you the literature. Usually the engineer, after communicating with the customer, proposes one or two options for the customer to choose from. At this point, you can see which one fits your equipment door better. Which one do you find more aesthetically pleasing, to be exact? Because in terms of performance, there can be no compromise on either option used. Performance indicators are the most basic requirements to be met.

Once the solution is determined, the engineer will draw a mockup with 3D modeling software. Simulate the effect of the installation on your device. This gives a very visual representation of what the customer wants to see. Next comes the sizing. This process involves mold development and the dimensions must be very definite.

Finally, the mold production process will be completed and a sample will be produced for the customer. After the customer receives the sample to confirm that there is no problem, it is ready for mass production. As for the business aspect, it is also carried out at the same time.

industrial heavy duty hinges


How to introduce industrial heavy-duty hinges to customers

When a customer wants to order an industrial heavy-duty hinge, how should we introduce it to the customer?

First, you should ask the customer where the hinge is used, whether it is indoor or outdoor, and how to use the environment. Then you need to know what product the customer is using and what the weight and size of the door are. Once the necessary information is known, you can recommend our regular products to the customer. If the customer feels appropriate, you can quickly reach an agreement.

If the conventional product does not meet the customer’s needs, then try to suggest the customer order one. Custom-made hinges are a relatively long and complicated job, and this needs to be communicated with the customer well in advance. Especially delivery time, cost, etc. We need to tell the customer the performance parameters of the hinge to be ordered. For example, how heavy the door can be, what material it is made of, what the surface treatment is, how big the opening angle is, and the size, etc.

industrial heavy duty hinges


Application of industrial heavy hinges

Hinges belong to functional hardware, which cannot be used alone to complete a certain function. They need to be installed on the equipment door to play their role. They are usually used to connect doors and door frames and play a load-bearing role. These are the basic functions of hinges, both in the industrial and commercial sectors.

So it can be used in a very wide range of applications. It can be said that they are needed wherever there is a door. They can be found on cabinet doors in the construction and furniture fields, on doors of industrial special equipment, and even on military vehicles of the U.S. Army.

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