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Much special equipment used in industry has hinges on its doors that we have not seen in our daily lives. The most common hinges we see are the ones used in construction and furniture. And most of the search results on the Internet are also for these types of hinges. You may have never heard of what industrial oven door hinges are.

This article is dedicated to what industrial oven door hinges are. And I’m going to cover a few hinges that IHINGES makes. They are all used explicitly on industrial chamber equipment doors. For example, industrial ovens, industrial test chambers, various industrial testing equipment, etc.


What are the industrial oven door hinges?

It is a class of hinges specifically used on industrial ovens, industrial test chambers, environmental test chambers, or constant temperature and humidity test chambers. Their specific use determines the niche of these hinges. However, in this niche market, the demand for these hinges is in steel.

They are somewhat different in construction from other hinges. Generally, these hinges are larger in size and heavier in weight. This is because they have to support heavier doors. And they need to be absolutely secure in the scenario they are used. So there will be more careful in material selection and structural design.


What are the characteristics of industrial oven door hinges?

The characteristics of these hinges are roughly summarized above. The size is more significant, the structure is more special, and the load-bearing is stronger. In addition, the choice of materials, basically the use of zinc alloy material and stainless steel 304 material. I hardly ever see the use of plastic or nylon industrial oven door hinges.

In addition, these hinges are generally installed using bolts. Because the industrial oven door is usually heavy. Using bolt mounting allows for better adjustment of the door. Below I will introduce 6 models of industrial oven door hinges that we have produced and put into use.


Docked industrial oven door hinges

This hinge is symmetrical on the left and right sides. It can also be called butt hinges. However, the holes on the two sides are different, with the left side having a vertical hole and the right side having a horizontal hole. This design is mainly to make it easier to adjust the door position during installation.

It is made of zinc alloy with a bright chrome-plated finish. The weight of a single product is 715g, and the maximum opening angle is 135 degrees. After the bolts are installed, a dust cover is used to cover the bolts. The surface of the bolt is invisible and looks very beautiful. The dust cover is made of stainless steel. A nylon washer is installed between the knuckles to prevent friction and silence.

industrial oven door hinges


Asymmetrical Industrial Oven Door Hinge

This is an asymmetrical construction. The hinge block is wide on one side and narrow on the other. This structure is designed mainly to fit the width of the door and the door frame. Generally, the door frame is made of square steel and the width is about 50mm. The door panel, on the other hand, has enough width so that the hinge block mounted on it can be wider.

Its mounting holes are also adjustable in position. It is designed with cross-tightening holes so that the hinges of the door can be adjusted in the up and down, left and right directions. It is also made of zinc alloy with a bright chrome-plated finish. The weight of a single product is 425g and the maximum opening angle is 135 degrees. Stainless steel dust cover is also available.


Adjustable Industrial Oven Door Hinges

This is a hinge that can be adjusted. It can be adjusted laterally by a distance of 10mm as a way to adjust the degree of door sealing. The mounting holes are designed with long round holes, also to facilitate the adjustment of the door position. The size of this hinge is relatively large, with an external dimension of 114*124mm, and the weight of a single product reaches 1130g. It is mainly used on large industrial ovens, environmental test chambers, and other large equipment doors.


Stepped Convex Door Hinge

They are step-type industrial heavy-duty hinges. That is, the door is thicker than the door frame, as shown in the picture below. There are many industrial oven doors that use this form. This hinge is also made of zinc alloy. The finish is available in two ways, black and glossy. This hinge has been used for many years in the field of industrial cabinet equipment. It has become very mature and reliable.


Step symmetrical hinge

The two hinge blocks of this hinge are identical in structure. Although it is also step type. However, it is customary to call it a symmetrical hinge. This hinge is available in two materials, zinc alloy and stainless steel 304, which is not large in size and has a smaller load-bearing performance. But the stainless steel material is still very strong load-bearing. After installation, the maximum opening angle of the door is 180 degrees.


Heavy-duty step hinge

This hinge is a heavy-duty step hinge. The whole is made of stainless steel 304, which has a strong load-bearing performance. Typical stainless steel industrial hinges. And it can adjust the sealing degree of the door. Note that the door needs to be held up as a whole when adjusting to ensure that the hinge is not weighted.

The above is the introduction of industrial oven door hinges. If you are interested in these 6 hinges or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. There are message boxes set up in many places on our website. You can easily send us an email.

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